Saturday, March 27, 2010


By Richard Brawer
L & L Dreamspell
February 2010
ISBN-10: 1603181962
ISBN-13: 978-1693181969
302 pages

Has there ever been anyone that really was convicted of murder but was not guilty? Of course, there has to be at least a few.
Eileen Robinson is a typical teenager. When she is to babysit her little sisters, she leaves them while she goes out. However, her little sisters attempt to heat up their dinner and end up burning down their home. Her mother blames her for their deaths. So Eileen leaves and begins a new life.
Being the wife of a drug dealer does not mean that you are part of the drug world. Once her husband is arrested though, life again becomes a challenge for Ellen.
Then the nightmare begins.
Two teenagers break into her house looking for drugs. What better place is there to find drugs than the home of a convicted dealer? However, there are no drugs at the house and Eileen awakens and confronts the two only to end up wrestling with one over a gun. When the gun goes off, Eileen finds herself holding the weapon with a state senator’s son dead. So who gets blamed? The black mother whose husband is in prison is the easiest answer to the judicial system whose decision is first degree murder.
Eileen has many regrets as she awaits her impending death. Even at the end, she truly hopes to see her children and mother one last time. No one is there for her as she breathes her last.
Eileen is shocked when she awakens on a Caribbean Island and discovers that she has been injected with HIV. Many inmates who have died from lethal injection are on this island with her as human subjects to explore the benefits of nano-medicine in the treatment of disease. The inmates have freedom while on the island but there are also armed guards and sharks surrounding this little piece of heaven. Or is it?
Richard Brawer is the author of four previous novels. He enjoys his retirement writing, sailing, growing roses, and living in New Jersey.
BEYOND GUILTY is thought provoking by forcing further thoughts about capital punishment and racial profiling. The characters are uncomfortably realistic and the action is fast-paced. I look forward to future novels by this author.

Teri Davis March 27, 2010

When Winter Returns

By Kathryn Miller Haines
Harper Collins
May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-06-157957-8
336 pages

After a grueling schedule of working overseas with a USO tour group in the South Pacific during the fall of 1943, Rosie Winter and her best friend, Jayne Hamilton, are looking forward to reestablishing their acting careers and personal lives back in New York City.

First, the two decide to take a detour to the home of Jayne’s deceased fiancé, to pay respects to his parents. Curiously, they soon discover that for some reason, the man to whom Jayne was engaged had taken the identity of another recruit who had died at Pearl Harbor two years earlier. Why would someone enlist in the military, join in the war effort, while pretending to be someone else? Could this person have been a spy?

Back in New York City, the two find that their old rooms at the rooming house are now inhabited. Rosie quickly becomes roommates with Ruby Priest, who has never liked her, while Jayne stays with Ann Fremont who lives an unusual life causing their interest. Added to this, Jayne’s ex boyfriend is hurt and wanted by the mob. So naturally the logical thing would be to hide him in a women’s boarding house.

Since the two are not gainfully employed yet, they decide to look further into the identity of deceased fiancé. They visit his old apartment and discover many of his belongings in storage which includes a locked trunk. When they finally open it, they discover five thousand dollars. Now, their curiosity is motivating them toward further investigations.

To complicate their lives more is Rosie’s former love, who is now engaged to another and is struggling with the loss of a leg and his potential acting career.

This is a realistic and fast-paced adventure of life during 1943 in New York. The characterization is phenomenally portrayed with the characters’ problems and successes. The action is fast. This is definitely the type of novel that entirely engrosses your thoughts while you read it.

WHEN WINTER RETURNS is the fourth in a series of books by Kathryn Miller Haines. Obviously, she bases much of her character, Rosie Winter, upon her own background in acting, and now a mystery writer and a playwright. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and their dogs.

Teri Davis March 27, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Author: Peter Schechter
Copyright March 2010
Harper Collins
Paperback $ 7.99
ISBN: 978-0-06-168742-6
310 pages

Once in a while you read a book that has you concerned that the crisis in the book could really happen and are actually surprised that the disaster has not occurred. That is PIPELINE.

Following a massive blackout for the state of California, the Russian government schemes to be the only supplier of foreign oil to the United States making this country completely dependent upon them. This is definitely a possible twist to the Cold War in the future.

As a possible solution to prevent further blackouts, the United States looks for possibilities so as not to have a reoccurrence of the blackouts. One possibility is to look to South America as a source for natural gas rather than the Middle East. Another solution would be to connect Alaska to Russia via a pipeline between the nations having the U.S. more dependent upon their former enemy. Both would make the United States more dependent upon foreign sources for energy.

PIPELINE centers with an environmentalist, Blaise Ryan and a Special Assistant to the President, Tony Ruiz. Both are idealistic, hard-working, and usually ethical in their careers. Both think with their heart and quickly react with instantaneous decisions that can easily cause further complications later.

The action is results in a fast-paced page turner with characters that are smart and believable. Even though the topic is politically based, the book reads as a thrilling action adventure novel with constant near-death misses. The characters are also real people with sincere problems that make sense. Even though you are cheering for the protagonists, the reader is vividly aware of the naivety within each person.

Working as an international political and communications consultant, has definitely given Peter Schechter an advantage in turning the political ploys into a realistic action-adventure experience. He has also worked as a consultant to many Presidents while living in Washington, D.C. I look forward to more novels in the future from this intelligent and talented author.

Teri Davis March 14, 2010


By Frederick J. Ramsay
Poisoned Pen Press
December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59058-684-7
264 pages

The business world and nature have much in common. Both can easily be viewed as predators. Think about those businesses that will do anything and step on anyone to get to the top. Are they as vicious as a starving lion? Perhaps some people’s business ethics make the lion even look gentle in his role as a

Leo Painter is the CEO of Earth Global which is researching minerals rights to expand in Botswana. To become a CEO, Leo didn’t always follow the rules and ethics, on his journey to the top there was a loss, his family relationships. His stepson, Bobby Griswold, believes he is entitled to the best life strictly due
to nepotism. Sometimes assisting Bobby is his wife who definitely is always searching for opportunities to further benefit herself in anyway even if it means having an extramarital affair.

Added to this tale of the alpha male, there is the person who believes that he should be the one running the company and spends much of his time undermining Leo’s strengths and weakening Bobby’s influence with the board. Assisting in his campaign is Bobby’s wife who just wants to have the privileged lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Compare the relationships above to a pride of lions with an older lion as the alpha male being ill with HIV/AIDS. The lion knows that he will soon be challenged for the ruling role, but at what expense? Added to this is a pack of trailing hyenas that are just waiting for the lion to die. These are the parallel stories that are part of this novel.

Frederick J. Ramsay writes a thrilling journey of those who rule with the inside knowledge of the people and life of Botswana. These people live a life unlike those of their neighbors with a strong sense of ethical behavior. Obviously as a comparison is Earth Global’s unethical intentions for this country.

Frederick Ramsay has a varied background from studying medicine to becoming an ordained Episcopal priest. He lives in Arizona as a writer now.

Although the subject is unusual, the storyline of PREDATORS is enthralling and difficult to put down. The pacing is fast, the characters believable, and learning about the wonderful people of Botswana is an added bonus. Definitely read PREDATORS.

Teri Davis March 14, 2010