Sunday, March 14, 2010


By Frederick J. Ramsay
Poisoned Pen Press
December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59058-684-7
264 pages

The business world and nature have much in common. Both can easily be viewed as predators. Think about those businesses that will do anything and step on anyone to get to the top. Are they as vicious as a starving lion? Perhaps some people’s business ethics make the lion even look gentle in his role as a

Leo Painter is the CEO of Earth Global which is researching minerals rights to expand in Botswana. To become a CEO, Leo didn’t always follow the rules and ethics, on his journey to the top there was a loss, his family relationships. His stepson, Bobby Griswold, believes he is entitled to the best life strictly due
to nepotism. Sometimes assisting Bobby is his wife who definitely is always searching for opportunities to further benefit herself in anyway even if it means having an extramarital affair.

Added to this tale of the alpha male, there is the person who believes that he should be the one running the company and spends much of his time undermining Leo’s strengths and weakening Bobby’s influence with the board. Assisting in his campaign is Bobby’s wife who just wants to have the privileged lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Compare the relationships above to a pride of lions with an older lion as the alpha male being ill with HIV/AIDS. The lion knows that he will soon be challenged for the ruling role, but at what expense? Added to this is a pack of trailing hyenas that are just waiting for the lion to die. These are the parallel stories that are part of this novel.

Frederick J. Ramsay writes a thrilling journey of those who rule with the inside knowledge of the people and life of Botswana. These people live a life unlike those of their neighbors with a strong sense of ethical behavior. Obviously as a comparison is Earth Global’s unethical intentions for this country.

Frederick Ramsay has a varied background from studying medicine to becoming an ordained Episcopal priest. He lives in Arizona as a writer now.

Although the subject is unusual, the storyline of PREDATORS is enthralling and difficult to put down. The pacing is fast, the characters believable, and learning about the wonderful people of Botswana is an added bonus. Definitely read PREDATORS.

Teri Davis March 14, 2010

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