Saturday, April 3, 2010

DutchII: Angel's Revenge

By Teri Woods
Grand Central Publishing
Hatchette Book Group
2005/ 2010
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-446-55155-7
304 pages

Angel Alvarez is out of prison and plans to get back into her old culture and regain her life. She discovers herself in position to take over where Dutch left off. Yes, she has been gone three years and others have taken over some of the area, but none of them have the savvy, the smarts, and the cunningness to take out her challenges to the number one spot.

Brother Rahman and One-eyed Roc are torn between their old lives and their new commitment to the Muslim faith. Living back in the old neighborhood makes it more of a challenge with everyone expecting the old reactions, habits, and leadership. Rahman now wants to do the right thing for his community and dreams of a peaceful future for all.

Nina is working in a bank and has finally found a new love, but then there are new gifts that could only be given by Dutch. So where is he?

The book is violent and is concerned about the differences between the street life and life of living by the Muslim standards. This is the part that is the strength of this novel, the conflict and the dream for a better life for this particular black community.

Much of the book is written in the natural dialogue of the black gangster community. This makes the realism distinctive for the entire story. The words are the language of the people who are in the story.

I was disappointed in that Dutch was not more a part of this story. I realize that this book is a prelude to the release of the recent third book in this series. Hopefully, Dutch will make more appearances in that one.

Teri Woods is an East Coast native living in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and now New Jersey with her three children. She had difficulty being published and after years of rejection, she started selling her own book out of the trunk of her car. Now she has her own publishing and production company, Meow Meow Productions.

Teri Davis April 3, 2010

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