Sunday, June 20, 2010


By Karen E. Olson
Obsidian Mystery
Penguin Group
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22549-8
320 pages
$ 6.99

Once someone is rid of a husband who really is a criminal, they are not looking forward to the day when
the ex-spouse reappears. So when Annie Seymour is at a bachelorette party, she is surprised to
discover her ex as the manager of the establishment. When Annie hears gunshots outside, she is
shocked to discover Ralph, her ex, on the sidewalk facedown and dead.

So who would gain the most from this death? Who would have the means, motive, or opportunity for
killing him? Logically, the ex-wife who immediately viewed the dead body would be an obvious suspect.
Of course, it doesn’t help that Annie’s gun was discovered under the seat of her car by a police
detective, who also was a former boyfriend, and is missing four bullets.

The newspaper that employs her, temporarily reassigns her to cover the social engagements rather than
the police reporter while she is being investigated. However, that doesn’t stop her investigating the
death herself. Of course, it does complicate issues when Annie discovers that her mother was the
attorney for her ex-husband. Why did he need an attorney?

Added to this is a reunion with a former friend, a male stripper who seems to always be wherever she
appears, and a local community pastor who seems to have no church, but does have a following. Also,
who is following her and why?

SHOT GIRL is the fourth and final installment in this series by Karen E. Olson.

Karen E. Olson has lived most of her life in Connecticut. She began her writing career by working in any
writing opportunity she could find. She has spent twenty years in the newspaper business. Now, she
edits a medical journal part-time at Yale which allows her more writing time.

Teri Davis June 20, 2010

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