Tuesday, July 20, 2010


By Dr. Laurence B. Brown
BookSurge Publishing
2007, 2008, 2010
ISBN-10: 1419673238
ISBN-13: 978-11419673237
332 pages

Is there a tidbit of knowledge somewhere that could challenge thebeliefs of most Christians? What
could threaten the Western Christianity beliefs, the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the Jewish

THE EIGHTH SCROLL is an action-adventure journey centering about the life of the fictional archeologist,
Dr. Michael Hansen. Having parents that were well-known in the academic world of archeology and
anthropology, Michael’s childhood and education was spent with his parents on their explorations
throughout the world. By intermixing fact with the fictional lives, this novel tells a story while also
questioning our beliefs with this character’s pursuit of the truth.

THE EIGHTH SCROLL reveals the circumstances beyond the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls written in
a simplistic conversational adventure. There is much history about the circumstances of the discovery
as well as the new discoveries and reaffirmations after the scrolls were read and studied.

What makes an excellent book? In my opinion, it is one that has you still thinking and questioning the
events long after you have read the last page. Even with the conclusion of the story, you still have
are left with thoughts of unsettled beliefs.

The characters are believable, likable, and well-developed. The action is fast-paced. The story line is
logical and realistic. What makes this novel outstanding, is the intermixing of factual events and findings
with a completely fictional story, similar to THE DAVINCI CODE.

Dr. Laurence Brown has graduated from Cornell University, Brown University Medical School, and
George Washington University Hospital to become an ophthalmic surgeon. He currently lives in Saudi
Arabia, but has spent extensive time also in America, England, and Jordan. He has also written two
books about comparative religion, THE FIRST AND FINAL COMMANDMENT and GOD’ED which further
document his personal religious beliefs.

One of my burning issues questions about THE EIGHTH SCROLL regarded the use of Book Surge, a self-
publishing agency. Why wasn’t this novel with an established publishing firm? Were the issues
questioned in this book too upsetting to general publishers?

I look forward to more adventures from Dr. Brown.

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