Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Ghosts on 87th Lane

Author: M. L. Woelm
Copyright 2007
Llewellyn Publications
Paperback $ 12.95
ISBN 978-0-7387-1031
278 pages

Most people really do not believe they have ghosts in their home. What would you do though if there seems to be evidence that you have one or more of these creatures living in your house and treating you like you are the guest in your own home? What if you cannot afford to move? How do you make peace with the other questionable entities abiding in your abode?

That is the problem this author had beginning with her move to new home in Minnesota in 1968.

Living in an apartment with a husband and two small children is a challenge. Needing space for the family prompted Paul and Marlene Woelm to begin the house hunting process. They finally discovered a bungalow that needed some work and the owners were definitely motivated enough to lower the price. Everything now should calm down in their lives. Shouldn’t it?

Marlene, as a stay-at-home mom was puzzled after the family moved in by the voice asking for mommy. Her children called her, “Momma”. Granted that wasn’t a big issue, but it was a concern. Then things began to disappear. Things began to be dropped. There were loud noises where the house should be silent. It felt like someone was watching her. The house just didn’t feel right. Added to that was the discovery that one of the children who had previously lived in the house had died of a ruptured bowel. Could that child be a ghost?

The author, Marlene Woelm, has stated that she has always been “sensitive” to the supernatural. As a child, she saw what others were incapable of seeing. Did this make her more inviting then to the ghostly world?

THE GHOSTS ON 87TH LANE is Marlene’s tale of living with what she believes to be a variety of ghosts through almost forty years of their occupancy of this house. The problem the author had was how to constantly get rid of these squatters. (Or was her family the squatters?) From denial to seeking ghost busters, Marlene has tried them all.

Overall, the story was enjoyable and engaging to read. There were a few difficulties with the sequence organization which was perplexing. Also, THE GHOSTS ON 87th LANE is an experience, but not a hair-raising haunting. Think of this book as a kind of everyday haunting that is if haunting exists.

Do you believe in ghosts? Read the book to look for the evidence.

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