Saturday, October 23, 2010

Murder to Mil-Spec

A Crime Fiction Anthology to Benefit Homes for our Troops
Wolfmont Press
October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60364-028-2
234 pages

There are numerous causes that many people find worthy today. However, some causes are unquestionably just the right thing to support. Homes for our Troops is definitely one of those that need present home cannot accommodate their needs, this agency allows them to have a new home that is specially adapted for their needs and at no cost to the veteran.

Wolfmont Press yearly donates an anthology to benefit a charity and this year they have chosen Homes for our Troops. The authors donate their stories and also promote the book while accepting no funds for compensation. Wolfmont also donates all their profits from the book to this charity.

MURDER TO MIL-SPEC is a collection of twelve short stories by Terrie Farley Moran, Dorothy B. Francis, Big Jim, Williams, Elizabeth Zelvin, Lina Zeldovich, Charles Schaeffer, Howard B. Carron, Brendan Dubois, Janis Patterson, Barb Goffman, S.M. Harding, and Diana Catt. These are all authors who are not well-known and are fairly new to publishing.

Each story is based on a military crime featuring various conflicts around the world from World War II to the present.

Most of the stories are simple with believable characters and events based on real events with conflicts. Each story is engaging and my personal criticism is that the stories are not longer and that they end. The variety of the settings as well as the conflicts within each story is superb illustrations into a realistic military life. These stories are gems.

“Salome’s Gift” by Diana Catt is outstanding. Salome is a fourteen-year-old girl whose brother is fighting for our country in Iraq. He sends her a birthday gift with a puzzle. When her brother is reported as being missing, her grief and reactions make the story feel all too real. The conclusion was perfect.

Read MURDER TO MIL-SPEC. It is definitely worth the money which goes to a worthy cause and you will also have a wonderful collection of stories.

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