Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Dog Sox

Russell Hill
A Caraval Mystery
Pleasure Book Studio
March 15, 2011
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-929355-74-7
180 pages

Some men will do anything to impress their girlfriend. Ray Adams who has worked as a building
contractor for years decides to give his younger girlfriend, Ava Bell, the perfect gift. Yes, Ava adores
excellent jewelry, but the real gift is a minor league baseball team named the Knights Landing Dog Sox.
After all, what else can you buy for this glamorous professional attorney to keep her interest?

On the team are many has-been and want-to-be players, but most of the focus is on the pitchers
especially Billy Collins. He possesses an unhittable curve throw that is almost guaranteed to strike out
every batter. Unfortunately, he has problems making it last for all nine innings and if he is
distracted, then his aim is off.

Billy’s dad has been absent for many of his nineteen living years, but now he is back trying to claim his
cut of Billy’s talent. Since his mother’s death, Billy has had limited contact with his dad and still carries
anger from the abusive relationship. The team, owner, and manager all try to discourage Billy’s dad
from having any interaction with his son and attempt to limit the contact permanently.

The Dog Sox is about the people on the team, as well as the support for the team. It’s about the
relationships and the interactions of doing what is best for the individuals, as well as the team. The
story, although short, is fast-paced and carefully developed into a well-written novel.

Russell Hill has worked as an English teacher for many years. He has written over twenty novels
including Robbie’s Wife, Lucy Boomer, The Heeler, Ghost Trout, The Search for Sheepheaven Trout, and
recently The Lord God Bird. Both The Dog Sox and The Lord God Bird are short novels that are expertly
and concisely written.

I look forward to Russell Hill’s next novel which I am sure will be full of his quirky realistic characters and
tell a tale worthy of any master storyteller

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