Monday, July 4, 2011

Prophecy of the Guardian

Prophecy of the Guardian: Guardian of the Seventh Realm Part I
J. W. Baccaro
Whiskey Creek Press
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-61160-024-7
$ 17.95
320 pages

Darshun Luthias was born for a purpose. As a infant, he was almost a sacrifice when he was rescued, as foretold in a prophecy. Now, he has the distinction to fulfill this prophecy with a world hoping for his victory of the Light over the Dark.

Prophecy of the Guardian is the story of Darshun and his childhood. Being one of the few surviving Nasharin warriors, Mirabel senses the existence of another of his almost extinct race. Carefully, with Seth, another Nasharin, he stealthily views a small child who will soon be a Cullach sacrifice. Cullachs physically have piglike faces, gray skin, and are slightly stooped. They are creatures who serve the
Dark. The two of them, successful ly rescue the infant. Mirabel becomes Darshun’s adopted father and mentor.

The story is fast-paced and a fantasy lover’s delight. The traditional conflict between good, the Light, and evil, the Dark is a constant struggle with the god of Light, Abidan, and the opposing god, Abaddon. Notice the word “bad” inside Abaddon. There is a quest, a race between the two forces to find the four crystals of the earth forces which we know as elements. Whoever possesses them, rules the world.

Personally, there were too many characters, tribes, and gods. The book needs a character list to help keep them all straight. If you make one as the story progresses, this greatly helps because you do need to refer back to it due to the author’s favoritism of certain letters and having a multitude of fictional proper nouns with very similar letters. Also, sometimes the character’s name changes from ending in an “a” to ending with an “um”. There are also some problems with noun/verb agreement and staying consistent with the verb tense.

Prophecy of the Guardian: Guardian of the Seventh Realm, Part I is an ambitious multi-book plan for novel ist J. W. Baccaro who resides in New York.

This series beginning has many human-like creatures and races that are battling among each other. The action is constant with this race for the crystals and good reigning over evil. If you are patient with the names, you will be richly rewarded with this first installment of a wonderful and memorable tale.

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