Saturday, October 22, 2011

Timmy's Bedtime

Written and Illustrated by Tim and Toni Williams
Strategic Book Group
ISBN: 978-1-61204-171-1
28 pages

How many of us were scared of the dark when we were little? What lurked in the dark corners of our bedrooms? Did you feel safer sleeping when your closet door was closed? What unseen danger hid under our beds as we slept?

In Timmy’s Bedtime, Timmy has this same fear. He would rather stall than to go to bed and face the danger of the monster under his bed. While continuing his nightly denial of going to bed, his father addresses the issue of a monster and how to effectively overcome this impending danger.

This story is aimed as a read aloud for children between the ages of three and eight. The language of the story requires an adult to read it. This is not to be considered for beginner readers. Also included in the book are two pages where the child can color the bear. Future owners of this book can also order an accompanying teddy bear with a sash entitled “Monster” across him. This bear of indeterminate size can be purchased through the author’s website and costs $27.

By using a clever poem within the story and a bear, this story succeeds in comforting Timmy and allowing his to safely sleep at night. This is definitely a book which should be considered for a time to cuddle with a parent to read aloud.

The married team of Tim and Toni Williams jointly have written and illustrated this delightful story. Toni is the illustrator while Tim provides the light-hearted humor and poem within the story. They currently live in South Carolina.

This story was originally thought-up by Tim Williams to reassure his daughter about the monsters under her bed. Seeing the success in this approach, over the years their friends tried the same method which also was worked well for them. This started their stories of Monster Bears.

Timmy’s Bedtime is wonderful for the reassurance of any child who is even slightly scared of the dark. With delightful water-colored illustrations, this tale is perfect to read to any child who fears those monsters under their bed.

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