Saturday, January 14, 2012

Zaftan Entrepreneurs

Zaftan Entrepreneurs: Book One of the Zaftan Trilogy
Hank Quense
January 4, 2011
ISBN: 9781456349387
351 pages
$ 14.99

Over the years, the idea of our planet being invaded by aliens from another world has always sparked our imagination. From E.T., to Alien, to War of the Worlds, we just never know what to expect. What if the creatures only wanted some minerals for their fuel and their planet? Would you agree if they would respect the people and the land? Could both species learn and benefit from each other?

In Zaftan Entrepreneurs, our planet is usual with the addition of living with the humans on this planet are also elves, dwarves, and half-pints who can use magic. These new creatures only want minerals. To learn the language, they kidnap two of our planet inhabitants. (That’s always a great way to make friends.) Then the creatures make contact with our planet officially and stating their intentions. They simply want a few minerals and do not intend to trespass. They agree to respect the native creatures and their land.

Quickly, problems and situations escalate to a war. These separate creatures on this planet quickly join forces to fight their common enemy, the Zaftan.

Yunta, a Zaftanm is a squid-like creature with three eyes that commands others like her on a spaceship with the mission of finding particular minerals to fuel the craft and to assist her planet. On her planet, she is expected to be successful and she views this mission as a temporary stepping-stone to become the corporate admiral.

MacDrakin is a dwarf who comes from a legendary family who spends most of his life alone, on his land mining emeralds. His former military service and expertise make him a respected leader in his small community.

Leslie Higginbottom feels fortunate to be the constable of her town, Skensfirth. She was taught this position from her father who was the previous constable. Unfortunately, the men dwarfs are interested in her, but easily intimidated by her intelligence and position.

The story is fast-paced and enjoyable with the varied creatures and their interactions. The Yuks with Gorya as their leader was hilarious with his antics and loyalties. The characters were believable with varied depths as well as shallowness, especially in the politicians.

Zaftan Entrepreneurs is an imaginative, humorous journey showing the contrasts of humanity in all creatures on our planet.

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