Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Siege of Darkness

Siege of Darkness: Guardian of the Seventh Realm Part II
J. W. Baccaro
Whiskey Creek Press
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-61160-080-3
$ 17.95
277 pages

Darshun Luthias knows that his destiny is foretold in a prophecy. Now is the time for him to fulfill this
but will he choose correctly. The appeal of evil and power is enticing.

Hearing the war drums of the enemy, the warriors for the city of Zithel prepare for battle, leaving the
city to defend it before attacked. However, while waiting for the battle on a field, the warriors discover
there is no one to fight. Quickly, they return home fearful only to see complete destruction. They were
tricked. Leaving Zither with little protection, the city was quickly massacred. All the families, including
children were murdered. They were lured into a trap which is only the beginning.

The evil army of Asgoth now has three of the elemental earthly crystals needed for the Demon Lord
Abaddon to take over this world. He only needs one more to achieve this feat. The only thing
standing in his way is Darshun who is beginning to understand his destiny. He knows that he needs to
save whatever is left that is good while realizing his own weaknesses. By being one of the nearly
extinct race of the Nasharin, he still needs to discover what special abilities and gifts he is just beginning
to control and utilize. What special talents does he have?

This sequel to The Prophecy of the Guardian continues the story of Darshun and the
challenges he must face to fulfill his destiny, both personal and for humanity. The more he
discovers about his heritage, the more he begins to understand his purpose.

The Siege of Darkness is much darker than the first novel. The numerous characters are many who
have already appeared in the first novel. The pacing is fast and the strength of this sequel is Darshun’s
discovery about his past heritage. The various creatures are well-described and easily viewed as a
threat to the human-like creatures. With the constant battles, there is never a dull moment.

The Siege of Darkness fits perfectly as a sequel to The Prophecy of the Guardian with a direct continuation of the story. This is definitely not a standalone novel and would be extremely difficult to understand without having read the first novel. However, a character list to refresh readers would greatly enhance the story for any reader. To assist, there is a short summary of The Prophecy of the Guardian in the beginning of this novel.

The quest of good versus bad is the underlying force driving Darshun against all odds is thrilling now. With the addition of Kelarin, the elf who knows way too much, this gives a depth to the character and the novel.

With the pursuit of goodness, I look forward to the next novel by New York novelist, J. W. Baccaro in this series in the Guardian of the Seventh Realm.

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