Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blown Away

Blown Away: Sweet Farts #3
Raymond Bean
Amazon Encore
ISBN: 978-1612182513
160 pages
$ 9.95

If you have already built a successful multi-million dollar company and you are still not even in high school, what are your goals from there? How can you achieve beyond that?

Keith Emerson is an inventor. He found a way to make farts smell nice. This invention created the company, Sweet Farts along with his friends, Anthony and Scott, and their advisor, Mr. Gonzales. However, Anthony, a mathematical whiz has attitude to go with his brilliance. He deduced the winning lottery numbers which instantly gave his family immense wealth and allowed the family a trip around the world. With his return, besides having a multitude of experiences, he also brings attitude and a threat to the company leadership.

Sweet Farts has an indoor baseball field and basketball court for the boys. The money Keith has earned goes into his college savings account. His parents refuse to even use a penny of it. With the three boys, Keith's parents, and their science advisor, Sweet Farts has one additional member, Emma, Keith's five-year-old sister. Each one works on their own dream project and grow from their collaboration with each other.

Mr. Gonzales has now challenged the members to be involved with the All World Science Challenge in New York City. However, Sweet Farts will only have one project represented. Whose project will it be?

Added to this, Anthony wants to be the head of Sweet Farts. After an attempted takeover, it is decided that whoever is the one to actually represent Sweet Farts at the Science Challenge will be the group leader. Who will it be?

Blown Away is about observing aspects of science that are successful and the importance of working together rather than attempting to outdo each other. It also shows the value of brilliance regardless of age and learning to appreciate others' gifts.

There is a realistic aspect involving jealousy, competition, and respect for other people's individuality, as well as just pushing someone else's buttons. The idea of stress vs. creativity is definitely a theme.

The story is well-written and works as a standalone novel. However, there would be more character continuity is the first two novels in this delightful series were read first.

The intended audience for all the Sweet Farts books is for boys between the ages of 7 and 11. This is an easy reading, high-interest, fast-paced chapter book that could also be used for struggling readers similar to the Wimpy Kids and the Captain Underpants series.

Blown Away is a life lesson that is enjoyable for all ages.

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