Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parrot & Sweeney

Parrot & Sweeney - # 2
Alan Roberts
Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-0-9827550-8-2
$ 15.95
307 pages

Parrot & Sweeney is the new realistic series involving three case stories investigated by two detectives in London. The experienced Chief Superintendent George Parrot and Detective Inspector Daniel Sweeney collaborate in questioning those closest to the crime to solve each whodunit.

These tales contains crimes involving kidnapping, blackmail, and murders which are both riveting and enthralling as the readers discover the reasons and circumstances along with the trained investigators.

This enthralling collection of stories, Parrot & Sweeney is actually the second book by this same author with the same title. Please carefully look at the copyright dates and the ISBN numbers when ordering this collection. Each book involves the same investigators with three crimes that unfold through the direct skills of these two detectives.

"Dark Justice" is the first mystery in this hard-core, realistic trilogy. In this particular challenge, the two officers are faced with the decision of choosing between what is legal and what is fair in the eyes of justice. Is there ever a reason to kidnap a child? These two detectives quickly realize the unfortunate difference between the two.

With "Reckoning for a Harpy" the two detectives have to discover who would murder a nasty socialite who seems to have deserved some consequences for her treatment of people, but did she deserve death? How do you investigate a crime against a person when the more you discover, the more that you find yourself siding with the murderer?
This particular story bring the purpose of law enforcement which is the legality while the court will deal with the justice later. That is not a choice for law enforcement.

The final story is The Bankers Payoff regards the death of a banker and his brother which again shows the conflict of obeying the law and justice.

All three stories help the reader better understand the detectives and the realistic investigation while still maintaining a somewhat normal personal life. These storing have the feeling of an original voice with genuine cases in these fictional stories.

Alan Roberts currently resides in Florida after retiring from the banking business in England. Previously, he has written the first Parrot & Sweeney book with the same title as this one. Please notice the different ISBN numbers when ordering or purchasing this book which is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Outskirts Press.

Parrot & Sweeney is a realistic and riveting read for everyone.

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