Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Boob Girls

The Boob Girls
Joy Johnson
Grief Illustrated Press
Omaha, Nebraska
ISBN: 1-56123-210-6
$ 12.95
178 pages

Retirement communities are not known for their liveliness. When a resident
causes problems, they usually are asked to leave. Apparently there had been a
discussion regarding an up-coming election regarding gay rights in certain
churches. This ended up with a man being covered by their neighbor's meal of
macaroni and cheese. How do you prevent this from happening again or becoming
a larger problem? Easy, just assign the residents to tables.

Four widowed ladies who did not know each other ended up at Table 12 in the
dining room. There is to be not conversations regarding religion or politics.
These four unique women quickly formed a strong friendship creating the Boob
Girls, the Burned Out Old Broads at Table 12.

Maggie Patten is a petite woman with a spit-fire personality after living for
years in an abusive relationship. She actually used her old Colt to shoot at
her husband's tombstone once it was finally erected. Yes, she is the one who
served her dinner over
an opinionated male.

Mary Rose McGill is dowdy and somewhat depressed. When her husband died, her
daughters decided that this was where she would live.

Hadley Joy Morris-Winfield chose to live here when her husband died in a plane
crash. She is still puzzled by the remains in the jar as how could anyone
separate out the ashes of four bodies and a plane crashing into a mountain.
She is tall and wealthy with a gorgeous wardrobe and perfect hair. She has one
son who is with his third wife. Naturally, this wife is not her favorite.

Robinson (Robbie) Leary is also widowed. She is a retired university professor
who taught English Literature. With her husband, she had no children but
considered her students to be her children. She is the lone African American
in the group.

The four women decide to take an adventure and with much cunning and
preparation, they decide to start living.

The Boob Girls is a delightful fun-loving story with a great attitude. The
characterizations are phenomenal with each "girl" having their own personality
but thoroughly enjoying their time with each other in their developing

The intended audience is for middle-aged to older women. It would be
difficult for some younger readers and men to truly understand the characters.

Joy Johnson along with her husband, are the founders of Centering Corporation
which is a bereavement resource center along with Ted E.Bear Hollow, Omaha's
grief center for children. She is a well-known speaker and specializes in the
area of grief, especially for children. She has written over 100 books on

The Boob Girls is about living, not grieving. I definitely look forward to
reading more books in this series and look forward to meeting the author at The
Bookworm in Omaha on July 22nd.

The Boob Girls is recommended and delightful reading for women, especially those
over the age of fifty.

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