Monday, March 11, 2013

The Hidden Village

The Hidden Village
The World Next Door, Book 1
Greg Krehbiel
Crowhill Publishing
Laurel, Maryland
October 2012
$ 2.99
130 pages
The scariest stories are those that are realistic. If there is enough truth that you feel that the story could happen to, those stories are the ones that you remember and stay with you. That is the case of this short novel, The Hidden Village.
Geoffrey Franklin is a widower who lives a rather ordinary life. He goes to work and weekly communicates with his only son, Josh. Since Josh is an adult, Geoffrey realizes the need for his son's independence. When his son though does not answer his calls after a few weeks, he becomes concerned.
He calls his son's place of employment only to discover that his son quit his job a few weeks ago and no longer is living at his apartment. Geoffrey starts contacting Josh's friends only to discover that the car was supposedly sold to a friend and Josh seems to have disappeared.
Geof chooses to take a few days off work to search for his son. However, people don't seem to like the questions that he is asking. The more he asks, the more trouble he finds for himself.
After seeing a glimpse of someone who he believes is Josh, Geoffrey discovers a cult-like world with different rules and values.
The Hidden Village is an enthralling tale in the Washington D.C. area that revolves around a cult-like group nicknamed Elves. The Hidden Village is a believable thriller involving cults with unlimited resources. The story is well-written with well-developed characters. The most difficult part of this story is that the story ended, even temporarily.
The Hidden Village is a truly captivating taking the reader into another world.
Greg Krehbiel is a professional publisher of Crowhill and is the father of five children. The Underground Escape is the second book in this engrossing series.

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