Monday, August 19, 2013

Sirens - Omaha Playhouse

Sirens were those bewitching voices from early Greek mythology who lured ships into hazardous waters and ultimately destroyed. The legendary Odysseus stuffed wax in his crew's ears and had himself tied to the mast to prevent their destruction. Whatever happened to these creatures?
They're back, at least one Siren, is at the Omaha Community Playhouse until September 15th in Sirens.
Having a midlife crisis is not unusual for men of a certain age. Sam Abrams wrote a successful song years ago when he first met the love of his life, Rose Adelle. She was his muse. After twenty-five years of marriage though, Sam has never again found the magic formula for another hit song. Is Rose Adelle no longer his muse?
Rose Adelle works every day in her store while Sam spends hours supposedly looking for inspiration. In actuality, he is on the computer with his Scrabble and Facebook friends, even meeting a few of them. (Apparently, he becomes friends first before he actually meets them.) Their life has become ordinary after raising a son, Barry and one day is much like the next.
To celebrate twenty-five years of marriage Sam and Rose Adelle take a cruise. While on the deck overlooking the ocean, Sam hears the song of the Sirens and is lured in jumping overboard. He awakens on an island with one other inhabitant, a Siren who is addicted to playing Solitaire on a washed-up cellphone. With no fresh water available, Sam is conflicted with his impending death. Should he touch the Siren and die quickly in ecstasy or die slowly in agony? Ecstasy or Agony?
As Rose Adelle Abrams, Judy Radcliff was the perfect frustrated wife with a husband, Sam Abrams portrayed by Ablan Robin, who complains about her no longer being his muse.
"Barry was my muse," Rose states and that line perfectly explains how a marriage evolves with children. Inside Rose though is still her longing,"I want to be adored like my song." She is always questioning why he is blaming her for his lack of inspiration and passion. Ablan Roblin delights the audience with his antics as the bored husband always looking to his wife, or computer, to fill his needs. Regina Palmer was a gorgeous Siren bewitching Sam when not playing Solitaire and Noah Diaz was charming as the crippled old-time love of Rose. The cast and crew excelled in this light-hearted comedy.
Sirens continues at the Omaha Community Playhouse at 6915 Cass St. in Omaha on Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 pm and 2 pm on Sundays. Ticket costs are $ 35 for adults and $ 21 for students. Special rates for groups are available. Either call the Playhouse box office at (402) 553-0800 or online at or

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