Sunday, September 29, 2013

God of Carnage

Two eleven-year-old boys are in a park, playing. One of them attacks the other. Two teeth are broken with possible nerve damage. So, what happens now?
This is “God of Carnage” with two sets of parents attempting to come to some agreement about this fight. Alan and Veronica, the parents of Henry who was the injured boy, have invited Annette and Michael, the parents of Ben, to their house to resolve the situation. Can these four adults agree on what happened, who is responsible, and how to resolve the problems between the boys?
As Annette, professional actress Jill Anderson truly becomes the uppity mother of the attacking child, Ben. She is wonderful in this role which frequently causes the audience to laugh. From being the stuffy parent to a complete meltdown, Jill reacted as the loyal wife of an irritating husband while still being a protective parent. As her husband, Ablan Roblin was delightful as Alan, the lawyer constantly connected with his phone to his major client which is a pharmaceutical company carrying a drug with negative side effects and literally on the edge of an impending lawsuit. Theresa Sindelar as Veronica completely immersed herself into this artsy character while being very protective of her son, the victim, and her daughter's hamster that was released on the street by her husband. Jerry Longe, as Michael, known as the current Ebenezer Scrooge from the Omaha Playhouse's "A Christmas Carol" delighted the audience with his laid-back parenting style, truly becoming the character while regaling in his own childhood and his slight rodent phobia.
The sets, sound, lighting, special effects, and props were all perfectly matching the needs of this award winning play. This particular show lasts approximately 85 minutes with no intermission.
In "God of Carnage" is currently at the Bluebarn Theater located at 614 South 11th Street in Omaha, in The Old Market district. The show runs Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and at 6 p.m. on Sundays until October 17th. Ticket costs are $ 25 for adults and $ 20 for students and seniors. Tickets can be purchased through the box office at 402-345-1576.
The Bluebarn Theater is a small theater with an audience of about 100 people per show. What is unusual about theater is the leg room with the seats. There is even enough room for people to walk between the rows without people needing to stand. Also, the Bluebarn Theater reserves seats for their members with season passes, giving them closer seats to the stage.
“God of Carnage” is a realistic play about adults solving children's problems. When will they ever grow up?

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