Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Terzetto File

The Terzetto File
Albert Samuel Tukker
Lulu Press
Raleigh, North Carolina
ISBN: 978-1-312-52619-8
Trade Paperback
364 pages
$ 14.00

"Half way down the ten mile driveway, Falcon's latest mission haunted him.  He knew he killed innocent people, a lot of innocent people and their deaths will be blamed on somebody else, just to stir up trouble so they could put somebody in their pocket in power.  It was cold-blooded and ruthless and he had been a part of it for a long time now."
This is the opening of The Terzetto File by Albert Samuel Tukker as he introduces his protagonist, Major Neil Falcon of the U.S. Army giving the reader background into this complicated character who is troubled by what has been required of him for years, both physically and emotionally. The upper echelon of brass is the military needs someone who can unquestionably follow orders, doing what needs to be done, someone who can clean-up the messes created by others.  Falcon frequently was that person. 
Army Major Neil Falcon is finally taking a well-deserved vacation when he receives a phone call about his leave being cancelled.  The Major's temporary assignment is to figure out what is killing people in the small community of White Sands and to stop it.  
A body has been discovered that was mutilated.   Quickly examining what was left of this human, Falcon realizes that this was not done by a wild animal, but something much worse.  What begins as a single body quickly becomes an attack on a community.  Who or what is killing these people?  Why?
Are the same people who want him to solve this problem telling him everything that he needs to know?
The Terzetto File is an action-packed adventure from Major Neil Falcon's perspective.  This book is for those who enjoy thriller/adventure novels even though it unquestionably is in the fantasy genre.  Although a little predictable at times, the story is intriguing story and the hero, Major Falcon is easily likable with depth as a character.
The underlying theme is both realistic while also considering authentic problems for many military veterans presently, as well as concern about life in this country along with the social evolution of our daily citizens.
Samuel Albert Tukker is the pen-name of a local author who received recent recognition for his novel Pole Shift which was considered to be the best science fiction of 2007 from for Literary Excellence and Rage which won 3rd Place in the 2009 Premier Book Awards.
It is not unusual anymore for authors to self-publish their books. The only problem with this is availability to readers.   Many also pay to have their books available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  More authors are choosing not to do that but to go through other methods. 
For people in the Omaha area, The Terzetto File can be ordered through The Mystery Bookstore in Omaha.  This small bookstore is phenomenal in terms of service to the customer.  Also people can purchase this book through the author's website or through the publisher
Albert Samuel Tukker is an immensely gifted author.   Read his books.


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