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Windmaster's Bane

Windmaster's Bane
Tom Deitz
Untreed Reads
ISBN: 978--16118-76864
e-book $ 5.99
Originally published in 1986 by Avon Books
$ 17.99
378 pages

"Things have power because you give them power."

For David Sullivan life would be perfect if he could just have the time to read his books.  He loves the Celtic tales of faeries with the Irish legends of years ago.  In real life, he is a teenager who has grown-up on his family farm so there are endless chores and just not enough time to be with his friends and to read.

While reading a book about the Sidhe, the Irish Faeries, he accidentally spoke aloud a chant which enabled him to see into a parallel world, the world of the faeries who are currently on the family land.  At first he is confused about why others, especially his friends Alec and Liz, are not seeing this alternate reality, but then he realizes that this is a gift only for him.   How do your friends react with your viewing of the alternate world?   Obviously, with disbelief.

Viewing two worlds overlapping can be a problem, especially when David's uncle is shot by a faery arrow.  To the human world, it appears as if he had a heart attack or stroke since the arrow is only visible to David.  How can he save his uncle when no one else believes or sees it?
However, his mother is convinced that something horrible is happening when David's little brother is kidnapped and a changeling is left in his place.  She knows that this creature is not her child. 

For legends in the Appalachian Mountains about Irish faeries to exist in present day Georgia, is not unusual.  The heritage and traditions of the settlers merged in the New World with the culture of the Cherokee who traced much of their legends back to the year 1170.  This was supposedly the time of Prince Madoc of Wales who permanently settled with those living in the present area of Alabama creating the tales of the moon-eyed people.

Windmaster's Bane is David's encounter with the legendary Sighe complete with the evil Aihill who even as a faerie is determined to kill David.  Using the knowledge in his books and sticking to the principles of Earth and Water, Fire and Air, and Time, David learns about trusting his friends and himself.  Through a test of his courage, David learns of the responsibility and trust of others in his life.

Windmaster's Bane is a delightful adventure for readers of all ages.  The pace is quick with believable characters in this quest of truth and courage, as well as being a heart-warming tale by a masterful storyteller.

The only complaint I have with this wonderful novel is the cover which is not a true depiction of the story.

The author, Tome Deitz was a native of Young Harris, Georgia.  He studied medieval English literature at the University of Georgia earning both his Bachelor and Masters of Arts degrees.  He was a professor of English at Gainesville State College.  He died in 2009 still dreaming of someday owning a small castle in Ireland.

For a wonderful tale, read Windmaster's Bane.   You might want to keep you own rune stick made of iron and ash near as a precaution.

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