Monday, October 13, 2014

I Love Grass

I Love Grass
Maria Boston
Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4787-2568-8
$ 13.95
24  pages

Once in a while you come across a form of art the makes you stop in your tracks and to really examine the picture.   That is my reaction to I Love Grass by Maria Boston.

Imagine a picture of grass with dirt on the ground and a blue sky in the background.  Each blade of grass is a separate piece of yarn illustrating the waving fields giving depth and movement to each picture matching  the short verses on the opposite page with what appears to be watercolor grass in each corner beneath the writing.

It is difficult to truly visualize the illustrations in this book because they are so realistically perfect for the story.   Imagine a tree with the bark made of various shades of brown yarns in pieces with the leaves in green yarns on a background of a blue yarn sky and green yarn grass with yellow dandelions, also made from yarn. 

I Love Grass is a beautiful children's book giving a basic overview of grass along with unique textured pictures perfectly matching the words.  Even with the flat colorful pictures, the depth of the textures is clearly visible with each page depicting an outside  scene with a variety of various materials.

Who could imagine yarn artistically creating a picture similar to a painting of nature with the focus being grass with dandelions intermixed?   Imagine a blue sky with white clouds,  green grass, a yellow sun, and a variety of flowers made from swirls of yarn accompanied by grass paintings under the writing on each page.

Interesting also is the progression of the seasons completely in yarns.   Transitioning from dandelions, to flowers, to autumn leaves, from day to night, to caterpillars, to snow demonstrate originality artistically and as an inspiration for various modes of creativity.  Also due to a very artistic creator, each illustration varies in shades as the story progresses, the time of day changes, and the seasons evolve.

I Love Grass is a wonderful children's book by a creative author and illustrator.

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