Monday, December 22, 2014

The Girl in 6E

The Girl in 6E
A Deanna Madden Novel
A. R. Torre
Redhook Books
Hachette Books
New York, New York
ISBN: 978-0316404389
July 2014
$ 20.00
352 pages
"Hope is dangerous.  Hope can be the loose thread that pulls apart your sanity."

People are judged by how others view them.  If you live next door to a librarian, you expect the person to be quiet and rather reserved.  If your neighbor is a policeman, you expect a no-nonsense individual who has a strong few of right and wrong. What kind of neighbor would an internet sex performer be?

What would you expect if your neighbor was a recluse who received numerous packages and was never seen outside their apartment?   Also, there is a lock on the outside imprisoning the occupant.  Would you be curious?   Would you attempt to make contact with this person or would you leave them alone?

This is the problem a delivery person has with the person living in apartment 6E.   She has a nice voice and appears to be attractive.  So why won't this person come out of their apartment? Jeremy, the UPS deliveryman slowly has a form of relationship with the resident in 6E leaving packages and forging her signature. That doesn't stop his curiosity. He wonders about the girl in 6E. He is intrigued by Jessica.

What about the occupant?  Shouldn't they be entitled to their privacy?  As long as no one is being harmed, endangered, and no laws are being broken, why can't people just leave others alone?

Who really cares if she earns her money through the internet via online sex sites?

Are the people on these sites moral, ethical, or even good people?

"I haven't touched another person in three years. That seems like a difficult task, but it's not anymore, thanks to the Internet.  The Internet makes my income possible and provides anything I could possibly want in exchange for my credit card number.  I've had to go into the underground world for a few things, and once in that world, I decided to stock up on a few fun items, like a new identity.  I am now, when necessary, Jessica Beth Reilly.  I use my alias to prevent others from finding out about my past."

The Girl in 6E is an intriguing novel with the protagonist/antagonist Deanna Madden/Jessica Reilly  living a comfortable life in a self-enclosed prison of her own creation.  This duality creates a novel that at times felt disgusting while at the same time slowly unveils the secrets of the main character, similar to pulling off each layer of an onion to find the soul with an assortment of supporting characters who you are never completely certain who is helpful and who is just plain evil.  This constant weighing of love/hate or good/bad made for an unusual story.

The author, Alessandra Torre is a wife and mother living in the southern part of the United States.   Previously she has written two erotic novels, Blindfolded Innocence published in 2012 and its sequel, Masked Innocence in 2013.

The Girl in 6E is not a novel for everyone, especially anyone under the age of eighteen.  It is an adult novel but unquestionably is written by a gifted writer who can weave a character into an intricate and well-written story with numerous colored threads.

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