Monday, May 25, 2015

From the Eye of the Moose: The Boob Girls VI

The Boob Girls VI: From the Eye of the Moose
Joy Johnson
Grief Illustrated Press
Omaha, Nebraska
ISBN: 1-56123-247-5
$ 14.95
192 pages

"Four burned out old broads" is the term used to describe four vibrant women with a great sense of humor. These women grew by sharing a dinner table which resulted in their sharing friendships through many adventures and becoming one of the BOOB girls.

The current BOOB girls are Mary Rose McGill, Marge Aaron, Hadley Joy Morris-Whitfield and Dr. Robinson Leary.

Dr. Robinson Leary is a retired from being a university professor. Her husband suffered from multiple sclerosis. After caring for him until his death, she came to the home. Hadley Joy Morris-Whitfield also came to the home when widowed, but her husband who had affairs left her wealthy. For Mary Rose McGill, her daughters placed her in the home when her husband died. Marge Aaron is the newest member of the group. She spent much of her career as a police detective and is also a widow. Besides being widows and living at the Meadow Lakes Retirement Community, their friendships began when they were assigned a table in the dining room, Table 12.

Dr. Leary, known as Robbie received a letter from a lawyer stating that she was the sole inheritor her great aunt's business, Turnbirdie Trumbell's Bed and Breakfast in Salem's Crossing, Nebraska. Since all four women enjoy and sharing their lives, they naturally decide on all departing for the small town to assist Robbie in deciding if this inheritance is a blessing, curse, or just a fun adventure.

The small mid-Nebraska town of Salem's Crossing proves to be more unusual than the women planned. A town that is deserted, lawyers who are never available or possibly non-existent, spontaneous storms and a possible haunted house with a permanent tenant, cause the four women to have many more questions than answers.

The author, Joy Johnson bases these books about the problems of getting older. With her husband, she is a co-founder of North America's largest bereavement resource center located in Omaha, Nebraska and also a center for grieving children. She is a nationally known speaker and and writer for children about grief.

All the books in this series by Joy Johnson are written for older women who grew up on Nancy Drew mysteries. The story is a bit contrived but meant to be entertaining and light-hearted. It is just a fun book to read. Also this book is based on the region around Omaha, Nebraska with many of the local establishments being mentioned and/or renamed to protect their identities.

If you have not read the previous five books, I recommend to at least read the first book before reading this newest installment.

Of all six books in the series, this particular one is a little different with the Nancy Drew flavor. The strengths of these books are the characters showing how retired women can still active and live a full and rewarding life with new friendships and adventures.

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