Friday, June 12, 2015

Unholy Bargain

Unholy Bargain
Travis Hallden Holt
Double Dragon Publishing
Markham, Ontario, Canada
ISBN: 978-1-77115-239-6
April 2015
$ 6.99
222 pages

“People created the world around them, as if their lives, their stories, they themselves authored.”
Can we control our lives so well that we each “author” our individual lives?
For Kaitlyn Spencer and Nate Barrington, there definitely seem to be forces working on each of them that they cannot control. Being that they are two very different people, will they ever be able to be a successful couple raising their child?
“I teach the invisible side of life. The existence you can’t remember. I teach our origin. The journey of our soul. Our evolution.”
Are there spiritual beings surrounding each of us every day creating situations that are difficult for us to understand? If these beings exist, how can they influence our lives? Can we protect ourselves from them? Why are they here? What are the capabilities of these beings? Can they temporarily possess a human body? These are the questions that Kaitlyn welcomes in her teachings about spirituality.
Nate is a deputy sheriff. He views the world in shades of black and white with gray being nonexistent. Kaitlyn is a spiritual guide/teacher. She reads people’s futures by tapping into their energy fields. Except for the physical attractions, do the two of them have enough in common to become a family and to welcome their unborn child into the world?
Logically Kaitlyn’s students are not the sort of people who easily fit into Nate’s world. One particular student bothers Nate. Michael Tabscott even visits Kaitlyn at her home. Is he a stalker or is the relationship as innocent as Kaitlyn believes or is Nate just jealous of their friendship?
Important in this novel are two spiritual beings, the Journeyman and the Emissary. If the Journeyman completes this assignment, his debt is paid. Why does the Emissary want this particular child? The Journeyman knows that this assignment involves killing and Kaitlyn. For a being that has existed for one hundred and fifty years after his death, why now?
Nate oversteps his boundaries and finds himself on leave pending an investigation. Since there seem to have already two attempts on Kaitlyn’s life in the past two days, this allows him the opportunity to investigate and protect her. With Nate’s sense of justice, he firmly believes that whatever he does is right even if it against the police procedures and the law.
What Unholy Bargain has been made for Kaitlyn’s life and that of her baby?
The author Travis Hallden Holt has worked in law enforcement with over twenty-years in the prison system and as a probation officer supervising felons. Added to that is his training in the U.S. Navy as a surface warfare officer and a Persian Gulf War veteran. In his home in Atlanta, Georgia, he continues his work as a peace officer.
Unholy Bargain is a fast-paced thriller. The strength of this novel is unquestionably the characterization with a vivid understanding of the motives of each person and what factors each can actually control. The reader truly knows these characters as real people, complete and flawed with sometimes-unwise choices.
Can Kaitlyn’s knowledge of the spiritual world along with Nate’s skill be enough to save her and the baby? Read Unholy Bargain to discover the life or death deal.

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