Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man
Kate White
Harper Collins
New York, New York
ISBN: 978-0-235065-7
Trade Paperback
$ 15.99
322 pages

Kit Turner wants more in life.  She wants excitement. She longs for more.  Then again, who doesn't?
As co-owner in a Manhattan interior design firm, Kit always searches for new ideas in attempting to best meet her client's needs.  She has pride in meeting the needs of her clients and feels that she knows how to perfectly match the interior furnishings and decorations with the personality of her client while staying within a budget. 
Her priorities for the last few years have always been business.  It takes time, talent and dedication to become a successful interior design company in a business with immense competition.
She dreams of a more fulfilling personal life.  So why not take chance?  What does she have to loose?  Isn't it time for her to have a little fun with having a personal life?
While at her hotel on a vacation at the Florida Keys, she meets the possible man-of-her-dreams.  With plans to continue their relationship back in New York,  Kit is full of hope.  After all, with the perfect man, what could go wrong?
Still hoping for the best, Kit agrees to visit him at his apartment in New York.
However the man who lives here is not the man she was with in Florida.  Quickly Kit is catapulted into a life of adventure, treachery, deceit.  She learns that her life is definitely more interesting but also extremely dangerous/ With one misstep resulting in death, Kit fears for herself, her friends, acquaintances, and clients.
What happened to the man of her dreams?  Who is this man?  Why is it that the more questions she asks, the more people who are in danger of losing their lives?
Will she discover the truth and/or love before another death, or her death?
The protagonist Kit Turner is a character that is heroic while still being a realistic person.  While searching for the identity of the antagonist, Kit discovers a maze of twists and turns.  Fortunately she takes the reader along with her at every discovery, wrong move, misdirection and clue until the last page.  This aspect weaves a fast-paced racing thriller leading the reader down the road while holding the hand of the protagonist every step.
Well-written, logical, organized, The Wrong Man is a gripping tale the delights all readers, even though the intended audience is for women.
Kate White has been the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine for the last fourteen years.   Besides that, she is a New York Times bestselling author of ten novels, including six Bailey Weggins mysteries as well as three suspense novels, Eyes on You, The Sixes, and Hush.  Also she is the editor of The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook.
The Wrong Man is a chilling read that warms every reader on a cold winter's night.

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