Sunday, February 21, 2016

Just Needs Killin'

Just Needs Killin'
A Hetta Coffey Mystery
Book Six
Jinx Schwartz
Create Space Publishing
ISBN: 978-15002295370
Trade Paperback
$ 13.99
325 Pages

'Let me see if I have this straight.  You agreed to meet some Japanese guy at a ritzy resort tonight, and attend a party with him in return for him funding your boyfriend's treasure expedition in Magdalena Bay?'
'It's not a tryst.  Ishi just wants a, uh, well...someone by his side, like, you know, a hostess.'
Hetta is the type of person most of us would be honored to know.   She's smart, almost too smart. She firmly believes in doing whatever is needed to be safe and to help her friends in any and every way possible.  She is the type of person we all would love to know but you might want to keep your distance.   Hetta has a magnetic attraction to danger.  She always seems to be at the wrong places at the wrong times.
In this adventure, what could possibly go wrong?  Hetta has been anchored her yacht in Mexico's Sea of Cortez.  She  is currently in Puerto Escondido when her gorgeous best friend, Jan  who has arranged for the two of them to attend to a party at a luxury hotel.   So for one night, these two ladies get to lead a glamorous life.
Yacht?  Don't worry, this is Hetta's boat.  She keeps it fairly banged-up with being in need of paint.  Most people are not attracted to beaten-up yachts in good-working order.  They expect yacht to be sleek and shiny.  She also has a watchdog, Po Thang who is her constant boat mate.
The idea of living the life of luxury for a night is exciting.  Jan looks like a model and easily attracts attention.  Being loyal to her boyfriend, Hetta and her have an understanding to prevent either of them from getting into trouble.  This party  is at an elaborate resort.  The two hope to meet a particular Japanese executive with the hopes to obtain funding for a treasure expedition in Magdalene Bay. 
All seems to be going smoothly until they happen to discover the executive's head.  Yes, he was decapitated.
What do you do when you are in over head and don't want to lose your head?   You take pictures.  Pictures are the perfect evidence that might be needed in the future.  
Little does she know that this little action will cause her many problems including having her dog and aunt kidnapped.   Realistically, she really only wants her dog returned, not her aunt.  However, it is a package deal.
Jinx Schwarz written nine books with this being the sixth mystery featuring Hetta Coffey who seems to be the author's alter-ego.   Like Hetta, she travels around the world on her yacht.
Hetta novels are fun.  The intended audience is middle-aged women, most-likely those with empty nests.  The characters are realistic and really do not look for trouble.  Trouble just seems to find Hetta and her friends.
The novels are all well-organized and fast-paced.   Everyone needs a fun read occasionally.  Read any of Jinx's Hetta novels, especially Just Needs Killin'.

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