Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Girl from Home

The Girl from Home
Adam Mitzner
Gallery Books
Simon & Schuster
New York, New York
ISBN: 978-1-4767-6428-3
336 pages

"...I loved my penthouse and the East Hampton oceanfront house I was going to buy.  But it was all in the same kind of way, I loved what I thought they said about me.  That I was successful, I guess.  That I mattered."

Jonathan Caine is living the life he dreamed of living.  He is a well-respected and successful currency trader earning huge bonuses annually and in command of a team of advisors and underlings.  Outside of work he has the beautiful trophy wife, wears designer suits, drives a Bentley and can't imagine a life that he is not currently experiencing.

That is until his success begins to implode.  What happens when everything you believed in is stripped away?  What then really matters in your life?

As his world begins to shatter, Jonathan's father is dying.  Because he needs a distraction and to temporarily escape from reality, he returns home.  Surprisingly even to him, he decides to attend his
twenty-fifth high school reunion.  He is proud of his accomplishments, especially compared to his classmates.  No one appears as successful as him.  Unfortunately he is aware that soon his slowly descending world could come crashing down.

He is delighted to finally have the attention of the former prom queen, Jacqueline Williams.  During high school, she had not been aware of his existence.  Life for Jacqueline is not as she dreamed.  Yes, she married the football star but this dream man from her teen-aged years has turned into a drunken, abusive husband.

As Jonathan's father is dying, he gives his son some advice.   These few words change his life forever.

The Girl from Home is an addictive novel that is difficult to put down. The story progression is realistic, problematic for the main characters, and unpredictable.  The characterization excels with the reader having a strong visual image of every person with difficult choices in their lives.  With a tightly written and well-organized plot progressing logically but with what feels authentic, as if the story was based from reality.

Adam Mitzner resides as a lawyer in New York City.  His previous novels are Losing Faith, A Case of Redemption, and A Conflict of Interest.

The Girl from Home is a true psychological thriller keeping every adult reader racing to the conclusion on the last page.

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