Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Tesla Legacy

The Tesla Legacy
Rebecca Cantrell
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327 pages

"Ash was familiar with the rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison over the safety of direct  current, Edison's baby, and alternating current, Tesla's idea and the one that ended up being adopted." 
It is the year 1983.  George Tesla probably was not the kind of person his legendary ancestor Nikola Tesla could have expected.   This soon-to-be father is drunk.  What would you expect for a fifty-year-old man who knocked-up a thirty-year-old woman?   This particular female is a trapeze artist.  You would expect that someone in such a dangerous profession would protect herself from the basic things in life.
What could a trapeze artist and a mathematics professor have in common?  Well, they will discover a bundle of joy belonging to both in a few months.
Nikola Tesla had given George's father a mysterious object relaying that it could do great things.   Now George has possession of this metal thing with a square base and a cylinder sticking out of the top.   Supposedly Nikola had patented the object, but could never get it to work.  What was it suppose to be?  What does it do?
George is terrified when he discovers what it can do.  There is an old saying, "With great power comes great responsibility."   His little experiment has caused men's death.    
Over forty years has passed and now George's son, Joe is in possession of the object.   Unfortunately, his father never revealed the device's secrets to his son.
Joe Tesla is blind and has a service dog, unnaturally named Edison.  Joe previously earned a full scholarship to MIT, graduated, and worked enough to be able to retire as a multi-millionaire.  Partially due to his blindness, Joe lives underground, by choice.   He also suffers from agoraphobia, a fear of the outside world causing the person to retreat and not to leave their home. 
With his father's death, Joe must now reenter the world above and discover the power of this inherited device before his hidden enemies find the secrets.
Rebecca Cantrell is an international best-selling author of ten published novels while residing in Berlin with her husband and son.
She has won numerous awards for her books including the International Thriller Writers Thriller Award, Macavity, Bruce Alexander, a Top Indi Pick by Barnes and Noble and nominated for numerous others.
The Tesla Legacy is the second book in Cantrell's Joe Tesla series following the award-winning first novel in the series, The World Beneath and continuing the series with the third book, The Chemistry of Death.
The Tesla Legacy is an intriguing book mixing the actual history of Nikola Tesla into a relevant story set in the present time.   The characters are believable and enjoyable in this fast-paced adventure for everyone who enjoys a well-written historical mystery.


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