Friday, July 15, 2016

Lethal Boundaries

Lethal Boundaries
S. M. Senden
Dagger Books
Second Wind Publishing
Kernersville, North Carolina
ISBN: 978-1-938101-46-5
$ 14.95
279 pages

"You cannot save the world and you cannot go back and change what has already been done.  All we can do is go forward and hope to see there will be some good to come of all this tragedy."
These are wise words for any horrific event.
The year was 1912 in Red Oak, Iowa when a young girl met her lover in an abandoned theater to confront him about her troubling condition.  Yes, she was four months pregnant and planned on forcing the boy to marry her.   Unfortunately, the boy had other plans since he was promised to another girl from a wealthy family.
More than twenty-five years later, the theater is now a hardware store with the upper floors abandoned. Only the main floor is used to occupy the hardware store.
Paul Newberg is an idealist eager to join in the impending war in Europe.  He dreams of heroic actions and is frustrated with Canada joining the Allied forces whereas the United States is remaining neutral. 
Paul enters the store in a bad mood.  He had been arguing with his father about whether or not America should enter the impending challenge.
Mr. Milledge, the owner, quickly recognizes the situation and wisely send Paul away from people for another, somewhat useful task.  He has considered expanding into the upper level and sent Paul upstairs to evaluate the possibility.
What Paul discovers is a dead woman's remains from years ago.
This death changes many unfortunate lives twenty-five years later.
Lethal Boundaries is a journey into 1912 with the present day being 1939.  S.M. Senden is masterful at placing the reader into this time segments in Red Oak, Iowa.  The laid-back Andy Griffith-like character of Lieutenant Nigel Lockhart even following him to his home and allowing the reader just a glimpse at middle America before the U.S. entering World War II.  
S. M. Senden currently lives in the metropolitan area.  She is currently writing a series involving a forensic artist, Dr. Kate Ahston, a series in the fictional city of Lemmington, and historical murder mysteries.
Lethal Boundaries is appropriate for all adult readers.  It has many short chapters which make reading easier for those with very busy lives. 
Senden's writing is magical.  She has the masterful gift of weaving words into a coherent and addictive manner of a legendary storyteller.  
Unquestionably read Lethal Boundaries by S. M. Senden.

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