Saturday, August 6, 2016

Asssault with a Deadly Lie

Assault with a Deadly Lie
A Nick Hoffman Novel of Suspense
Lev Raphael
Terrace Books
University of Wisconsin Press
Madison, Wisconsin
ISBN: 978-0-30230-6
Trade Paperback
$ 26.95
176 pages

"And how much longer would our relationship last with a minefield like that between us?  If was as deadly as the death of a child, which many couples never survive.  Tragedy didn't always unite complex-often it sundered them forever even if they went through the motions and pretended they could go on together."
Nick Hoffman enjoys his life as a professor at SUM, the State University of Michigan in the English department.  His partner, Stefan Borowski also is living his dream as an author.
Their lives change when a SWAT team enters their home, arresting Stefan.  The police are responding to an anonymous tip regarding a hostage.  Armed with a warrant, while Stefan is being arrested and taken to the police station, Nick is handcuffed.
Fortunately, a neighbor happens to be passing by who is a criminal attorney.  Is this a helpful kind acquaintance, an ambulance chaser, an opportunist, or does she is behind this attack?   The lawyer is dressed well for the middle of the night.
Nick and Stefan have no idea why this is happening as they are not criminals or engage in unlawful activities.
The realism of being accused of a crime and the fall-out is, unfortunately, authentic.  Just suspicion can cause others to believe inaccurately of your guilt, including employers who often search for a reason to terminate people.
The author, Lev Raphael have written twenty-four novels in various genres while currently teaching creative writing at Michigan State University.  Apparently, he chooses his plots based on his setting and experiences.
Theses characters are realistic, flawed and up-to-date with American society being that the two men are partners.   The intended audience is for adult readers due to the police activities.   Similar events mentioned in this book have been part of our modern culture.
The book is from Nick's perception almost daily journaling the attack on their house and their reputations.  From the feeling of paranoia to wanting to purchase a gun and learn how to use it while still curious about who and why this is happening are all relevant to both the story and living in a post 9/11 world.
What is unusual about Assault with a Deadly Lie is how it reveals how these attacks can harm relationships which are usually solid.  Tragedies frequently break families apart as each person must individually process the accusation and resolution within themselves.
Assault with a Deadly Lie is a glimpse of many people's lives who are unjustifiably blamed or attacked.  
Personally, I loved reading this gem and am delighted to experience these feelings only through this book.

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