Sunday, October 2, 2016

Senile Squad

Senile Squad: Adventures of the Old Blues
Chris Legrow
CL1557 Publishing
Omaha, Nebraska
Lexington, Kentucky
ISBN:  978-0-9977036-1-0
Trade Paperback
$ 16.95
302 pages

'We're all undercover now.  Cops playing cops that people think aren't cops.  It's given all of us a new lease on life.  We were just rotting away.  Nobody needed us to do what we've done for most of our lives.  It's just so good to be needed again and to help fellow cops even if they don't know it. To tell you the truth, that's what makes it fun.'
What happens when people who have worked all their lives in law enforcement retire?  Do they miss the danger, the excitement, getting their adrenal pumped?
Wouldn't it be great if somehow their years of experience and the expertise each one possesses could be utilized rather than just having a younger, cheaper recruit replace them?
Wouldn't it benefit the community if someone could find some way to use their years of cumulating all the knowledge into one think tank?  Naturally, no one would want to place these retirees in danger, but could former undercover cops now go undercover to benefit local law enforcement?  Not officially, but off-the-books, behind the scenes?
A group of wealthy Omaha-based business people is discussing this possibility to have a home for retired police officers.  They would fund the home with the medical staff needed and also supply it with anything an undercover officer would need.  These would be law enforcement officers without the active law enforcement community being aware of their existence.
After all, who would suspect old men wandering around assisting the police?   Yes, they have weapons but not the type used by active duty officers.
Senile Squad is a fun read.  The protagonists are delightful, comical, and unfortunately, too realistic.   With picturesque action, the book has everything, danger, romance, conflict, resolution, death, and most importantly a sense of doing the right thing.
Detective Chris Legrow is part of the Omaha Police Department's Special Victims Unit.  When not working, with his wife, he raises nine children.
Who would enjoy Senile Squad? Naturally, law enforcement but also retirees would thoroughly enjoy this delightful gem that is just fun.

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