Monday, January 2, 2017

Love Notes and Old Friends

What would happen if you chose eight singers, four males, and four females, varying in age from eleven to sixty-nine to create a fundraising show lasting only ninety minutes?  Could you do it?  
With varied backgrounds, experiences, styles, education, and preferences, how could anyone merge all of these into one production?
Just ask Gary Bosanek, the director of this current cabaret performance for the Chanticleer Community Theater.   Besides being a director, he was also a performer.  He demonstrated his diverse talent by the singing of "Alone at the Drive-In."  This fifties-like tune was a delight for the entire audience.
Dianne L. Jones is unquestionably the ultimate performer with her masterful stage presence.    Her interpretation of "I Wonder as I Wander" was heavenly.
Kim Alger perfectly blended and harmonized throughout the night.  She also performed the eccentric selection "Summer in Ohio" bringing humor into song.
Vicki Molacek is a great singer that can always be expected to be outstanding.  She masterfully sang "Dreamers," "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." and "When I Grow Too Old to Dream."
Lauren Anderson shined as a soprano while singing "If I Loved You," "Almost Like Being in Love," and the haunting "Somewhere."
Bob Schamp's mellow voice in both "Autumn Leaves" and "Try to Remember" was hauntingly memorable.
Ian Mooney is a young talented performer who "wow-ed" me when he sang "Run Away with Me."  This song was unfamiliar to me but unquestionably one of my favorites now after hearing him sing.
Jude Glaser is an incredible talent for being only eleven-years-old.   You should have seen him singing and dancing to "Give My Regards to Broadway."
Kim Hansen demonstrated her ability as an excellent accompanist playing the entire ninety minutes and never missing a beat.
Dave Podendorf, as usual, kept the sound system perfectly balanced throughout the evening.
Unquestionably one of the highlights of the night was when the four women harmonized the song "May You Always."   The richness and blending of their voices created musical beauty.
What I found surprising with this show was the number of songs that were new to me but phenomenally performed.  "Grateful" sung by Gary Bosanek is one I want to hear again and again.   Another number sung by Diane was unquestioningly appealing and intriguing, "A Quiet Thing."
The next fundraiser cabaret night for Chanticleer will be February 17th and 18th with the theme being operettas.   These are fun evenings filled with great music, fantastic food, and delightful company.

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