Monday, December 27, 2010

The Babylonian Codex

C. S. Graham
Harper Collins
December 2010
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-06-168936-9
358 pages
$ 7.99

What if you had the ability to actually envision stolen objects where they are presently located? Would this be most valuable to the police, the public, the government, or the thieves?

October “Tobie” Guinness is known to have remote viewing capabilities. This involves concentrating on a sealed envelope and picturing what is inside it. Then she looks at the objects where it is presently stored. This allows her to view the object and its surroundings and gives clues to investigators where to find the stolen treasures.

She has been asked to find some of the missing treasures from the museum that was ransacked in Babylon, Iraq. Unfortunately, while she was engaged in this task, the F.B.I. agents, that were protecting her and the information, were shot. Since she managed to get away, currently she is being pursued by the F.B.I. as a person of interest. Where can she go?

Fortunately, she is well acquainted with a C.I.A. agent, Jax Alexander who immediately realizes her danger and the problems that can be associated with even knowing her. The two decide to pursue the stolen antiquities while trying to clear Tobie of any criminal involvement.

Jax and Tobie have an old and trusting friendship. The two decide to discover what is so valuable from Tobie’s viewing and why people want to kill her. While searching for this, the two also discover that they need to find the biblical translation of a missing artifact that seems to be a life-threatening secret.

The history of Christianity in Iraq is an underlying plot. It is written in a manner that is fascinating and informative as well as valid. It also brings to light another aspect of our involvement with Iraq.

THE BABYLONIAN CODEX is non-stop action. As a reader, it is difficult to take a break in this story due to its intensity. The characterization is believable in this well-written novel.

What is most frightening in this fictional novel is the events and the correlations with present day situations. Even though there are author’s notes at the conclusion of the novel, it does leave you wondering about where the line between fiction and factual information really exists.

C.S. Graham is the partnership of the husband-wife writing team of Steven Harris and Candice Proctor. Mr. Harris worked as an Army intelligence officer in the remote viewing program. Ms. Proctor has written more than a dozen fictional and nonfiction novels using the names of C.S. Harris and C. S. Graham. The twosome lives in New Orleans.

For an informative and adventurous novel, read THE BABYLONIAN CODEX.

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