Saturday, January 1, 2011

Angel Harp

Michael Phillips
Faith Words
Hatchette Book Group
January 26, 2011
Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-0-446-56771-8 $16.99
Hardback ISBN: 978-0-446-56770-1 $26.99
464 pages
Fiction - Christian

Sometimes it just seems that when you are reading a particular book, it seems that the book was written
for you alone. It meets your needs and matches where you are in your journey through life. This sense
is similar to when you go to church and the sermon seems to be a personal message just to you
when in actuality it is not. ANGEL HARP was the experience for me.

Angel Dawn Marie has been attempting to put her life back together after her husband died suddenly.
She was thirty-four when he died and had not had any children. She felt alone in the world while
working as a teacher’s aide. How do you put meaning back into your life?

Angel decided to finally take a trip to Scotland that both her husband and her has planned and dreamed
about. She realizes that she needs to take some risks and plans to take a break from her everyday life.
Finally, she made up her mind and planned to travel alone to explore the real Scotland, that is staying
away from the cities and exploring the towns learning about the people and the experiences of this land.

Since she wanted a fresh start, Angel decided to use her middle name instead of her first name. Now she would be known as Marie Buchan, her maiden name. Also though, she decides to take one of her harps with her in this adventure. A musician is needs to stay in touch with their instrument.

What she didn’t plan for was to fall in love with the country and the people. She also learned about her relationship with God through the assistance of the local curate and her own harp music. This is Marie’s journey to becoming a part of a community again and learning to need and be needed by others.

ANGEL HARP is completely engrossing. It allows non-musicians to begin to understand the relationship that musicians have with their music and their instrument as well as God. This book is not a romance novel even though there is romance in the novel. It is more about a journey of self-discovery that as a reader you get to experience with Marie.

Michael Phillips has written many books for Christian readers in historical fiction series in both Scotland and the U. S. during the Civil War period. Besides being an author, he has worked as an editor, a publisher and bookstore operator while still being a husband and the father of three sons while living in California.

ANGEL HARP is a delightful journey. Read it.

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