Sunday, February 20, 2011


Outwitted: A Sadie Witt Mystery
Beth Solheim
Echelon Press
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-59080-666-1
280 pages

It seems like each one of us has at least one person in their life that just irritates them. Sadie Witt has a few of those people in her life. One of them is a local judge who seems desperate to buy one particular cabin from Sadie who with her sister owns a resort in northern Minnesota. No, they do not intend to sell one of their cabins. It really doesn’t make sense why anyone would want to buy it.

Sadie also has a few other jobs to supplement her income. One of them is assisting the local funeral director and the other one is being a death coach. You don’t make money being a death coach; you just help those who are recently deceased in making peace and finishing up their earthly life to finding the light.

Sadie is a sixty-four year old twin. She likes her hair colored in bright colored spikes while wearing a tube top to show off her tattoo. Her sister, Jane, dresses like one would expect for someone that age. Added to that is Nan who runs the nearby mortuary. Irritating her is her ex-husband, Clay, who just happens to be temporarily living in the cabin the judge wants to buy. Bernie, a recent resort resident, seems to have his eye on Jane. Added to this crew is Aanders, Clay and Nan’s son, who is also a death coach and is just learning what to do. There also are two recently deceased souls who are only seen by Sadie and Aanders, Jed who is looking for his sister who has been missing for fifteen years, and Sally who is a young child recently died.

Outwitted is light and fun. This is a cozy mystery with likeable and believable characters that are eccentric enough to be your family members. The story is well-organized, even if somewhat predictable.

Beth Solheim works in human resources at a hospital for her real job and at night is a writer. She resides in Minnesota.

I look forward to more Sadie Witt stories.

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