Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Passionate Engagement: A Memoir

Ken Harvey
Pleasure Book Studio
November 2010
Trade paperback
ISBN: 978-1-929355-68-60-307-26986-7
208 pages

Change is difficult for everyone individually. For society, change is never fast enough and an extremely lengthy and threatening process. In this country, we have had tremendous social change in the past century beginning with women’s right to vote, to civil rights, to now the acceptance of same-sex marital partners.

A Passionate Engagement is the story of Ken Harvey who knew most of his life that he was different. He discovered fairly early in his life that he was gay. This is his story about his trials and triumphs and finally finding contentment with his life partner as he continues his fight for equality of marital partnerships.

This memoir brings the issue of same-sex relationships to a personal connection. The author passionately explains his thoughts, choices, and actions with numerous integral decisions about his life. From the political high of a roller coaster ride of acceptance for same sex marriages to the plunge when laws are repealed through the justice system, A Passionate Engagement accurately reports the developments across the nation as society still struggles with the subject of same-sex marital relationships.

Ken Harvey previous published the novel, If You Were with Me, Everything Would Be All Right which is a collection of short stories centering around the gay community. He has spent many years as a teacher and working with the political system for improving gay rights.

This memoir reads easily and quickly. The time periods are evenly balanced and are connecting all the readers to understand his point-of-view. For those who do not understand the issues, A Passionate Engagement is an excellent resource for viewing the issues from all perspectives. With many states questioning the issues of same-sex marriage, this is a wonderful memoir to better understand the reasons for change in our country’s future.

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