Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brain Stem

Robert W. Walker
Kindle Edition
Amazon Digital Services
April 15, 2010
$ 0.99
410 KB

If a healthy baby was subjected to brain surgery at birth, could that affect the child for life? What if part of their brain was exchanged with Einstein’s brain? Would the child be a genius? How could you insure that this child would have values and ethics to balance their intelligence?

Dennis Spears, nicknamed Ice, is a police detective who focuses on doing the right thing, even if it
contradicts orders from his superiors. The apparent suicide of a medical student who was serving her
residency at a mental hospital though just doesn’t feel right to him. Joanna Peters seemed to be the
perfect woman so why would she commit suicide? While he is examining the body, she seems to be
alive, but for only a second. Why? Dennis is certain that he did not imagine this. Unfortunately, the
rest of the police force thinks that he needs a break from his stressful life.

Dennis is plagued with nightmares as he begins to investigate into Joanna’s death. Coincidentally, the
setting for his dreams seems to be the mental hospital where Joanna worked. He has not visited or seen
these buildings before, so is this a premonition? Why would he dream of a place he had never visited?

BRAIN STEM is only available as a Kindle book through Amazon. The author has recently only had his novels as Amazon Kindle exclusives. He recently published his 50th novel.

BRAIN STEM is a medical thriller. It’s fast-paced and definitely a quick read at an economically low-price. The characters are believable even if some aspects are a little far-fetched. The story is fairly simplistic with completing a single plot line. There were some setting changes in the story that were abrupt. They needed either an introductory lead or markings to let the reader be aware of the change.

Overall, BRAIN STEM is an easy, quick, thriller featuring the very enjoyable character of Dennis Spears. I look forward to reading more books with this character.

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