Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just Deserts

JUST DESERTS (Hetta Coffey Mystery Series)
Jinx Schwartz
Treble Heart Books
August 18, 2011
ISBN: 978-1936127771
325 pages
$ 12.95
Kindle Edition
349 KB
ASIN: B005SZ171I
$ 0.99

Living on a boat can be full of adventure. For Hetta Coffey in JUST DESERTS, her boat life is sidelined when blisters are discovered on the bottom of her small yacht. She thoroughly enjoys living this way but unfortunately, she has to occasionally work in order to pay the bills and especially when her boat requires expensive and possibly extensive repairs.

Fortunately being a well-qualified civil engineer, Hetta only has to make one phone call to be assigned a job that pays well close to where she is currently located. She is assigned a job in Mexico for a mining company that currently is experiencing labor/union issues and is in desperate need of being updated, especially in the area of safety standards.

Hetta discovered that being located in northern Mexico is problematic and decides to search for a home on the other side of the border in Arizona. She temporarily rents a luxury house and enjoys her time alone in this home until she is visited by a local coyote and numerous friends. Between being a host for her friends, and the local problems of smuggling people, drugs, materials for a dirty bomb, and terrorists, life is far from boring.

JUST DESERTS is the fourth novel in this Hetta Coffey series by author, Jinx Schwarz. She also wrote an outstanding young adult novel, LAND OF MOUNTAINS, which was based on her own life growing up in Haiti.

JUST DESERTS is a little slow at the beginning. Hetta experienced too many problems to be the spunky character with a sense of humor. It is difficult in any series to continually develop the characters without reviewing too much for loyal readers. This particular novel did have Hetta asking many questions about the mining company and the area with no easy answer. The coyote character was reassuring and added humanity regarding this part of the country.

For anyone who has not read any of Jinx Schwartz novels, you are missing a masterful storyteller who tells a memorable and enjoyable tale.

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