Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Wedding Gift

The Wedding Gift
Kathleen McKenna
Bell Bridge Books
October 7, 201I
ISBN: 978-16119405287
246 pages
$ 14.95

Some people are fortunate that they were born beautiful. All their lives, they are judged as wonderful because of their outward appearance. That is Leeann.

Leeann was only a baby when one of her brothers died. Due to the family tragedy, her mother completely indulged her as a princess with the entire family enraptured with her beauty and charm.

However, the death of her brother was always an unresolved family issue. An
oil-rich family lived in this Oklahoma small town and one night, the mother of
five children who had married into this family, slaughtered her children, husband, and then took her own life. The family kept this house as if those dead would return any moment.

Leeann's brother, along with his best friend, chose to have an adventure in the haunted house. Her brother died from falling out of a tree into the empty swimming pool, landing on his head and the friend survived with broken bones. No one really talked much about the event. Why would they?

Leeann had won every beauty pageant and beginning her senior year, she had
planned to marry her deceased brother's best friend, Donnie. However, Donnie
suddenly married another girl.

Leeann found herself meeting and encouraging the oil-rich heir in the Winthrop
family, especially when she became pregnant. Their plan was to marry after her
graduation and to live in a townhouse.

However, George had an idea. Why not live in the deserted mansion?

The wedding gift, yes, the mansion where all the murders had happened and Leeann's brother had died was to be given to the newlyweds.

The Wedding Gift is told from the perspective of a haughty teen-aged girl. Even though Leeann is not always likable, she is realistic in being very “me” centered.
The tale is haunting and well-developed with the intended audience being females from the ages of fifteen to thirty.

Kathleen McKenna hails from Alaska and currently resides in New Mexico working now as an author. The Wedding Gift is her debut novel. She plans a sequel to this novel.

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