Monday, November 19, 2012

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Why would over nine thousand people all go to the Mid America Center last Thursday night? One reason, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra was performing.

For those not acquainted with this group, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra combines
hard rock music with classical tunes including an elaborate light show. This is a very simplistic description for this group and TSO is anything but simplistic.

The program began with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's new Christmas show, "The Lost Christmas Eve". This program was narrated as a poem very similar in style and rhyme to Dr. Seuss by a wonderful baritone voice. With an always moving light show enhancing the setting elements of the story, many well-known Christmas carols became part of this tale. What was amazing was how well this story was written with obviously music and lighting being the strength of this group, the story itself was a marvel. "How could this man have carried this wound so long in his life?" or "Is there a wrong so bad in life that it undoes everything right?" The combination of the story, music, and lighting excelled any of my expectations.

The second half of the show included songs from previous records and
performances. Always there are multiple aspects in lights, music, dancing,
singing, fires, as well as parts of the stage elevating and the platforms holding musicians over the crowds. The actual lighting movements with multiple screens worked with military precision. The immense support crew to those performing was
phenomenal in creating this magical show for everyone of all ages. This audience for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra included those from the age of eight to eighty.

As part of TSO, there were string players from Council Bluffs who were part of
this elaborate production. For these young adults, this had to be an unusual as well as a memorable experience.

With each show every year, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra always tries to make
their productions better and bigger than previous years. They definitely
excelled in this area with the entire show, almost three hours long, being
enjoyed from an audience of all ages.

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