Monday, December 3, 2012

A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time
B. J. Betts
Boroughs Publishing Group
Short Story
$ 0.99
47 pages

Jake Houser is happy to be finally arriving home in Chicago after a two week business trip in Japan. Yes, the trip was a success and a foreign country is exciting but the comfort of home is always welcome. He quickly hails a cab at the airport after the landing and retrieving his bags. However, the icy streets are dangerous and this particular taxi driver seems to be careless rather than cautious. What he doesn't know is that this particular situation is the catalyst that will change his life forever.

Is there such a thing as a ghost who is not scary but who feels that need to complete a promise? Do near-death experiences allow an entity to communicate with the other side? Does having some unfinished business stop someone from their final destiny? Can a ghost use a person to help them communicate between the two worlds?

No one seems to truly understand the world of a comatose patient. Do they hear what is happening around them and what people are saying to them? It seems that we know so little about the brain and especially the injuries to it. Is a coma really a temporary station between life and death?

Unfortunately but realistically the choices for caregivers with a loved-one in a coma completely depend on the insurance. Even then, the choices can be tough. Finding a home-health nurse who believes in doing the right thing for the patient is truly a gift.

These are all issues in the story, A Moment in Time. This is a well-organized well-written short story for those who enjoy romance with real issues of everyday life.

Author B. J. Betts lives in southwest Iowa. Having married her high school sweetheart, she thrives in writing romance stories.

A Moment in Time is a fast-paced story for those who love romantic stories of fate.

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