Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Out of the Shadow

Out of the Shadow
J. S. Winn
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Charleston, SC
ISBN: 978-1480043176
$ 13.95
365 pages

How does one get over a tragedy?

Becca Rosen knew that something just wasn't right. Sure she loved her husband, but she really didn't feel that he was her soul mate. Then again, isn't that only in romance novels? Every couple has squabbles. Having a husband sleep on the couch is not unusual in most normal households.

Then the night happened. Becca awakened to feel her husband in bed with her, but it wasn't her husband. The scent was wrong. A masked man was in her bed having sexual relations with her. She fought, screamed. Where was her husband? She discovered him dead, stabbed in the living room where he was sleeping on the couch. With no evidence, who is most likely to be suspected to have killed him?

While being questioned by the police, Becca takes a leave from work to recuperate from this trauma. Realizing that she needs help, she chooses Dr. Sarah Abrams who quickly realizes that Becca is suffering from Repressed Memory Syndrome.

Becca's story is told through Dr. Abrams who is the keynote speaker at a conference regarding Repressed Memory Syndrome. For confidentiality, Dr. Abrams tells the story of Rachel as the anonymous person, Becca Rosen, as part of the conference.

This story is extremely-well organized and well-written novel. The tale of Becca/Rachel is gripping as she begins to discover her past that prevents her from having a healthy relationships. This particular psychological thriller is an engrossing tale of personal terror. The characters are believable and realistic, even when they are not likable. The family relationship is genuinely flawed but a true situation in many lives.

The plot line is gripping but unfortunately predictable, leaving the reader feeling like the ending is contrived within a small list of characters. Even though this is a thriller, the format reads similar to a romance novel.

J.S. Winn lives in California. She earned degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She has also published poetry and a screenplay.

Out of the Shadow is a thriller for those who enjoy romantic noveels.

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