Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Cold White Sun
A Constable Molly Smith Mystery
Vicki Delany
Poisoned Pen Press
Scottsdale, Arizona
ISBN: 978-1464201608
August 2013
$ 14.95
250 Pages
Spring Break is always a relief for students and teachers especially in ski communities like Trafalgar, British Columbia. These people can't wait to enjoy their winter activities in their home community.
The local police, the Canadian Mounties, realize that what is a relief for others frequently means more work for them.
A teacher takes her dog with her on her morning run with plans for her entire family to have breakfast together. They plan to be together and to enjoy the rest of the day skiing. However, when she is killed by a shot to the back of the head, all secrets if this family are quickly revealed.
Cathy Lindsay was a high school English teacher who also taught a writing class at the local college. She had a successful husband with an internet business and a son and daughter. Why would anyone want to kill her? Is this a case of mistaken identity?
For Constable Molly Smith and her superior, John Winters, their investigation begins with Cathy, her family, friends, colleagues, students, and anyone close to her. Quickly, it becomes apparent that Cathy did not have a happy marriage and was flirting with another teacher. Added to that, her husband has a mistress in another town who he financially supports and spends a week each month at their home. Does that mean that their lovers killer her?
A COLD WHITE SUN is a fast-paced mystery that makes you constantly wonder who actually killed Cathy and why. As a reader, you are with Molly throughout the investigation even as she frequently is assigned to menial tasks that don't directly lead to the murderer. Also, what is special are the daily life for Molly with her mother, her boyfriend, her possible boyfriend, and the challenge of her career interfering in her personal life.
Parallel to this investigation is the issue of adoption from both the perspective of the grown child and the parent who felt forced to give their child into another family. having a sense of belonging and always wanting more are often issues
Vicki Delany is retired from being a systems analyst for a financial firm. Now she lives as a writer of many mystery novels in Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada. She has written numerous novels.
A COLD WHITE SUN captures the people and spirit of British Columbia, Canada. This mystery is well-developed and logically as each step in the investigation is revealed. With believable characters and real-life problems, this novel is a fast-paced mystery. I definitely look to more novels by this marvelous author.

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