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Still Faithful

Still Faithful
A Back to Omaha Adventure-Book Two
Jewell Tweedt
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ISBN: 978-1479209286
162 pages
Near the end of the American Civil War, the Southern states were in the process of transporting gold bars to their treasury. Since the war ended, this treasure did not arrive at its intended destination but disappeared. So what happened to it?
Logically, one man probably could not have stolen all of it, but definitely could possess part of this wealth, enough to last him the rest of his life. President Grant wants and needs this money for the governmental debts of the war and assigns the task to recover the treasure to a Pinkerton agent.
Jason Reynolds is to work undercover as a deputy to the sheriff in Omaha where the likely suspect Cal Moore has some unfinished business. Cal intends to reunite with the woman who was his betrothed prior to the war. During a battle, Cal was shot in the leg. Since the common practice of the time was to amputate, he decided to take his chances and deserted. Fortunately, an older woman who lived in isolation, found him and nursed him back to health.
Unfortunately, Cal waited for three years before attempting to find his love, Claire. Besides his leg, he also suffered from a head injury which changed his personality. He did not even let his parents know that he was alive. Claire has moved on in her life, marrying the sheriff and giving birth to a daughter.
As a Pinkerton agent, Jason plans for this to be a temporary assignment. What he doesn't plan on is to discover his attraction to young shop manager, Arianna Quincy. However, Jason has a past that continues to haunt him. Can he get beyond the past for a new future?
.Still Faithful is a Christian romance novel set in the frontier Omaha of the 1870s. These characters are realistic with the story line believable and well-organized.
Still Faithful is the second novel in this series by Jewell Tweedt. The story is easier to understand if the reader has read the first novel in the series, Faith of the Heart.
Jewell Tweedt works full-time as a middle-school history teacher . She was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska while now residing and working in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
For those readers who enjoy a mix of romance and history, Jewell Tweedt writes a wonderful reflection of frontier life in Omaha.

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