Saturday, November 9, 2013

Awakening Colors

Awakening Colors
Ritu K. Gupta
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Woodbridge, Ontario
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All of us are born with special gifts and spend much of our lives discovering them. What if your gift is one of the unusual ones? One that people will have difficulty believing? How do you learn to use this gift while wanting to be certain that no one is hurt because of your gift? How does your family deal with this gift?
A car accident shatters Pari's life. Her father is with her in the car when someone talks to her about getting out of the vehicle. Her father doesn't want her to leave. She sees colors around her. Then all is dark.
Six months later, Pari finally awakens from a coma. Her father died in the accident. How do you pick up your life now?
However, things are different now. Pari can actually view people's auras - the colors constantly surrounding and changing with each person. She quickly learns how this allows her to sense their moods, intents, character, and their choices in their future. Who can you talk to about this?
One of her father's associates, Arche, attempts to assist her with her newly discovered gifts which he also possesses. He knows that he is also able to change others' destinies but doing so can change three worlds: the material, the illusionary, and the timeless. He quickly realizes that Pari's abilities far surpass his. He hopes to "guide" her with her new discoveries. However, Pari senses a darkness within him that frightens her. Pari must learn more from Chanakya, her spiritual guide, reflective of the goddess Devi..

"Awakening Colors" is a story of a young woman's discovering herself and how she chooses to become part of the adult world while possessing a gift.  The characters are believable with choices that are part of a normal everyday life even in dealing with aspects of the supernatural.
Dealing with an unusual ability that is not can easily by misused, was perfectly plotted.  While still maintaining a family relationship with her sister and her mother as their lives evolve is part of the strength of this novel.   Pari daily has to appear living a normal life even to her family.
Author Ritu K. Gupa is a native of India who has lived in Canada for the last twenty-five years.
The intended audience for "Awakening Colors" is women in their twenties and thirties and those who enjoy an unconventional tale about life choices.           

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