Sunday, November 17, 2013

Noises Off

Anyone who has ever been in a theatrical production knows that the final rehearsal can be disastrous. To add to this tension, this particular show has had less than two weeks of rehearsal.
This is "Noises Off" which is about the theatrical production "Nothing On" which is this play that was expected to be ready to perform after only two weeks and the director is having difficulty with people forgetting props and stage directions both on stage and back stage. The audience gets the rare privilege of seeing the show from the directors perspective which is act one. Act Two is observing the play from backstage where you get to know the actors and actresses as real people with the problems and jealousies. Act Three is the show on the road.
The play within a play begins with D. Laureen Pickle playing Dotty Otley as Mrs. Clacket who is the housekeeper of the Brent's vacation home kept by a management firm. However, Dotty cannot remember whether she is to take or leave the plate of sardines as she leaves her scene and if she needs to leave or take the newspaper. For the director, Lloyd Dallas portrayed by Ron Hines, he is completely frustrated with Dotty and is looking forward to getting this play on the traveling circuit so that he can begin his next project, "Richard III". Looking forward to a long weekend with his special woman, Roger Tramplemain portrayed by Garry LeJeune who is really Chris Ebke enters the house with the lovely and ditzy Vicki played by Brooke Ashton portrayed by Jacqueline Kappes who manages to be enthralled by the many closed doors and discovering which one is the bedroom. Since Roger works with the management company, he knows that the home is frequently vacant and that the housekeeper is only there for a short while each day. What a great opportunity to get to know a pretty girl!
Hiding from the tax authorities, Philip Brent portrayed by Frederick Fellowes played by John Hatcher with his wife Flavia Brent, played by Belinda Blair, portrayed by Karrin Dignoti also plan to spend time at their house.   Philip is overwhelmed when he discovers the many notices from the income tax collectors.  These were not forwarded to his home.  Added to the confusion is a burglar portrayed by the legendary Selson Mowbray portrayed by Rodger Gerberding and both an assistant played by Sarah Query and a repairman portrayed by Jon Turnbeaugh.   Confused yet?

All the characters portraying other characters playing parts in a play where delightful.  The first act is a bit tiresome, but is the foundation for the next two acts.  The second and third acts are hilarious in this adult themed production.  Between who is behind each door, the personal relationships between the cast and crew, the sardines, the telephone, and the newspaper, not to mention the dress and contact lenses.  

"Noises Off" was superbly directed by Jonathan Wilhoft with perfect timing for the lights and sound, the sets and props were perfect for this performance in every aspect in this fast-paced slapstick comedy.             
"Noises Off" continues at the Chanticleer Theater at 830 Franklin Ave. in Council Bluffs through November 24th with the Friday and Saturday shows beginning at 7:30 p.m. and the Sunday show at 2 p.m.   The show has two intermissions and lasts almost three hours. For tickets, contact the theater at (712) 323-9955 or through email at Ticket costs are $ 20 for adults, $ 16 for seniors, and $ 12 for students.  

"Noises Off" is a fun, adult show with a delightfully energetic and fun cast..                

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