Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Want to Do Yoga Too

I Want to Do Yoga Too
Carole P. Roman
Amazon Digital Services
ISBN: 9781475015584
$ 9.95
24 pages

When Hallie and her mother visit the yoga studio, Hallie is disappointed when her mother leaves her with Robin and other children while she has class.   Hallie insists that she can do yoga too.

As Hallie continues to complain, Robin suggests that Hallie pretend to be a tree which is quiet and peaceful.   Robin continues to instruct Hallie in creating airplane wings, a butterfly, and the cobra which were all quiet activities.

When her mother returns, Hallie is surprised that this make believe time really was yoga.

The drawings perfectly match Hallie's instruction essentially showing children how to begin  basic yoga positions.

I Want to Do Yoga Too is a great way to introduce young children to yoga combining words and pictures into an easy to understand book for all ages.  Ideally, this book is appropriate for children up to eight years old and would be perfect for those who are apprehensive about the mysterious word "yoga".

Carole Roman combines her busy life on Long Island  being a grandmother and businesswoman after spending years as a social studies teacher.

I Want to Do Yoga Too is a perfect Mommy and Me book making yoga a fun, practical family activity for everyone.

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