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When I Grow Up I Want to the U. S. Navy!

When I Grow Up I Want to the U.S. Navy!
Noah Tours an Aircraft Carrier!
Wigu Publishing
Laguna Beach, California
ISBN: 978-1-93973-02-3
$ 12.95
58 pages

How many children see a military uniform and immediately believe that their personal future will be in the military becoming a hero and fighting for our country?  Whether it is a policeman, fireman, doctor, or the uniform of one the military branches, children know that these are honorable people who spend their life in service for the  good of others.

Wicu Publishing captures these daydreams of the young and turns them into reality in this read along non-fiction book about life on a U. S. Navy aircraft carrier demystifying the real, everyday life aboard the USS Gerald Ford.

Noah's grandpa, Ed was in the Navy and tells his grandchildren of his many exploits during his time of service. Ed's wife, Marilyn, who is also the grandmother agrees that there is actual truth in some of the tales.

At a nearby port, a U. S. Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford is docked and Grandpa Ed is taking his grandchildren, Noah and Marina along for a tour of the boat.

This book even briefly explains the history of our Navy and the need for its continual vigilance intermixing drawings with photographs to best assist the reader in visualizing the events. Also included is a brief description of the carrier, the men and women on this ships with their various jobs, as well as explaining the dedication as the crew spends time away from their families.

Realistically, When I Grow Up I Want to Be the U. S. Navy perfectly shows the numerous jobs aboard the ship which in actuality is a city with its own zip code. Also incorporated into the book are the common vocabulary terms unique to ship life such as brig, deck, swabbing, sailor's quarters, mess deck, nuclear reactors, hangar deck, flight deck, and boost.

The possibility of danger aboard ships are also discussed especially regarding the precautions on the flight deck and around the nuclear reactor.

What is special about this book was its realism. Even these normal everyday non-combat duties can be dangerous such as the pilots taking off and landing on a ship as well as cautions around the nuclear reaction.  Also discussed is the immense amount of specialized training and education to become skilled enough to be able to protect and save the citizens of our country.

In conclusion this short book is a picture and a drawing of the vessels belonging to a Carrier Strike Group (CSG) visually describing the functions and purpose of the many parts.

The author of this book is the staff of Wigu Publishing who have written many books in the When I Grow Up I Want to Be... series including their recent publications of the U. S. Army!, a Teacher!, and a Firefighter!.   Upcoming books in this series include a Good Person!, a Nurse!, a Veterinarian!, a Race Car Driver!, and Green!.

When I Grow Up I Want to the U. S. Navy is an educational and fun tool for learning about an aircraft carrier.

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