Monday, July 14, 2014

Kaitty Lorenz

Kaitty Lorenz: New Life
ISBN: 978-1-61379-854-6
160 pages
Kaitty Lorenz: Under Siege
ISBN: 978-1-62509-950-1
197 pages
Mysti Rolenc
Xulon Press
Maitland, Florida
$ 14.99

Kaitty Lorenz has not had an easy life but she has learned that persistence, prayer, and faith can help you overcome almost anything. 

In Kaitty Lorenz: New Life,  as a new wife, Kaity is reassured that Edmund is the love of her life as the two grow with each other and their Christian faith.   However, Kaitty is quickly learning about other people and that they do not always feel the same as she does.   As with many young people, she has strong beliefs and has difficulty accepting others who do not believe as she does.

Kaitty is challenged though by a visit from an old friend, Anna and is extremely bothered by her lack of faith in God.   She wishes her friend had the same faith relationship that she has and discusses this with her husband.

However, when life challenges Kaitty and Edmund, she begins to have more questions with few answers finding that secrets have a way of becoming a wedge in their relationship.

With Kaitty Lorenz: Under Siege, Edmund is deployed while Kaity has difficulty with her past coming back to haunt her. 

Both of these Kaitty Lorenz books are Christian romances by the young author, Mysti Rolenc who was just fourteen years old when she wrote the first book.   As she has grown, her stories of Kaitty have also grown as she has more real-life experiences.

Mysti Rolenc began writing the Kaitty Lorenz series when she was fourteen-years-old.  As a young gifted writer she shows immense promise as she has more real-life experiences.  For someone this young, her writing is outstanding.  

As she develops more into a writer, I am certain that her characters will develop more depth with readers growing to love her characters.  Her stories are well-planned, well-organized, and well-written.   She needs to work more on creating real people with faults and gifts so that the readers can better visualize and know these fictional creations. 

I look forward to more from this young, gifted writer Mysti Rolenc.

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