Monday, July 14, 2014

The Eye of God

The Eye of God
A Sigma Force Novel
James Rollins
Harper Collins Publisher
New York, New York
ISBN: 978-0-06-178567-2
$ 9.99
530 pages

A research satellite crashes into a remote area of Mongolia, a comet on a collision path with the east coast of the United States, a package from the Vatican with a skull and a book covered in human skin, what do all of these have in common?  James Rollins' newest book, The Eye of God.

With the world possibly ending in the next four days, Sigma Force is catapulted into danger combining Attila the Hun's death to Christianity to a comet wiping out the planet into the fast-paced action adventure of the Sigma Force team in this newest James Rollins' novel.

With characters established in previous novels, this ninth book in the series is riveting and requires the reader to be fairly well-acquainted with Painter Crowe, Vigor, Rachel, Monk, Kat, Seichan, and Gray along with the new members of Jada and Duncan who form this extreme team saving the world  yet again.

What makes this novel fascinating is the blend between reality and fiction.  Mr. Rollins phenomenally takes a real event or a scientific discovery and twists it into a tale where it is difficult to separate the two.  Fortunately, the author's comments at the conclusion of the adventure are necessary for the reader to understand that yes, this story in some form could happen.

In much the same style and theme as Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code,  The Eye of God moves at a breath-taking pace bouncing from one character and location to another intermixing reality and fiction into a story of possibilities.  

Added to the human element of this story is Rachel's relationship with her uncle who works at The Vatican as well as Seichan's discovery of her mother and the rebuilding of their relationships with a theme throughout the story of to live each day as if it were your last, or in the case of this book, your last four days on the planet.

The blend of technology along with history is a James Rollins' strength that makes his books appealing to readers while both educating and entertaining.  

Do not read The Eye of God if you have not read at least two of the previous novels.  The characters which are developed in the previous novels are crucial in understanding this Sigma Force adventure.

Unquestionably, The Eye of God is a riveting read.

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